🌛✨ Weekly horoscope for February 27th to March 5th 2023 with Kelli Fox

Hi there I'm Kelly Fox from astrology.tv With weekly astrological overview for February 27th through March 5th And for more detail about what's in Store for your zodiac sign this week be Sure to visit astrology.tv slash Horoscope slash weekly and sign up for One of my free horoscope newsletters That's astrology.tv slash newsletters So another very quiet week February's Been a really really quiet month as we Build up uh for March where everything Changes so you know March will be the Turning point for all of us that's Because Pluto moves into Aquarius sudden Into Pisces uh and a lot of catching up From a very quiet February meaning Planets changing signs and what have you So really the only astrological headline Of this week is communication planet Mercury moving into Pisces uh and part It's a very uncomfortable energy I mean Mercury in Pisces these two energies Just don't go together so there could be Over the next few weeks a struggle with Communication especially if you're a Mutable sign or have any planets in the Mutable signs and that's Gemini Virgo Sagittarius and Pisces So with um Vina excuse me with Mercury Moving into Uh Pisces that's happening on the second And it will stay there through the 19th So mercury in Pisces is a very creative

Energy it's it's it's actually very ins It's not instinctive it's more intuitive So we'll find that our psychic abilities Are supercharged at this time so this is Great news if you don't have to get Involved with any type of research or Investigation but that said Um you'll be steered in the right Direction if you trust your instincts Around what you're looking for or what You need to uncover so again it's like Mercury in Pisces this week it allows You to really Trust your instincts and be guided it's Great for any sort of creative pursuit Or any creative project that you may be Working on as well I'm just going to look at the secondary Aspects uh to see what else we've got Going on uh for this week because that's Really sort of it but next week is going To be packed with information uh with Regards to uh you know sudden changing Sign and then uh we've got the full moon Of course as we build up to Pluto moving Into Aquarius uh you know we've got a Really great aspect on Thursday actually It's Venus conjunct Jupiter so that's Incredible Venus conjunct Jupiter is Really great for love and money so uh You know we've got Venus and Jupiter Both in Aries if you are single and Looking this is incredible energy Amazing energy so put yourself out there

And then with Mercury in Pisces trusting Your instincts uh and you know as we get Ready for March we're we're turning over A new Leaf you know this is the Collective Consciousness we'll be able To move forward in your new Direction so Really great great great Venus conjunct Jupiter is one of the best astrological Aspects you can have both in Aries so Really good for new Cycles or New Beginnings so as I said in the beginning If you want more detail about what's in Store for your zodiac sign this week be Sure to visit astrology.tv horoscope Slash weekly and sign up for one of my Free horoscope newsletters that's Astrology dot TV slash newsletters I'm Kelly Fox thanks for tuning in

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