🌛✨ Weekly horoscope for February 6th to February 12th 2023 with Kelli Fox

Hi there I'm Kelly Fox from astrology.tv With a weekly astrological overview for February 6 through the 12th So the Astro headline of this week is uh Mind planet Mercury moves into Aquarius And also the full moon uh that we just Had on Sunday full moon in dramatic Leo So let me talk about that but before I Get into it Um you know be sure to get more detail About what's in store for your zodiac Sign this week by visiting astrology.tv Horoscope slash weekly sign up for one Of my free horoscope newsletters that's Astrology dot TV slash newsletters So Mercury moving into Aquarius this is Really great uh energy Mercury really Likes Aquarius Mercury is a planet of The Mind the intellect uh so if there's Any sort of presentation or announcement Or speech that you need to make between Now and let me just check that that date Here all the way through March 2nd this Is a really great time to do it it's Mercury and Aquarius is really great for Any sort of uh breakthrough and uh you Know thinking outside the box it's about Thinking different to get to where you Want to go if you are an air sign that's Gemini Libra Aquarius this is great Energy for you with Mercury and Aquarius Now the planets have their favorite Signs and least favorite signs and Mercury really really likes Gemini and

Virgo and then it likes Aquarius name Next so this is a really if you're one Of those signs this is a great time for Any sort of conversations or Presentations or any type of Communication Now on Sunday the 5th we just had the Full moon in Leo so this is really Dramatic energy it's big and bold now The key here is you know we're still in The after effects of this full moon so The key here is to not let ego get in The way or make decisions based around Ego because we really will be paying the Price with some unexpected repercussions Because this full moon you know has been Forming a square to unpredictable Uranus Uh you know it also ties into Mars and Jupiter Um you know the full moon in Leo's Making a really nice sex style to Mars In uh Gemini so there's opportunities Come from taking action and then it uh The full moon is forming a very nice Shrine to Jupiter so it's like we can be Um bold and fearless and courageous on Our plans to move forward so really it's A pretty quiet week this week and next Even really the month of February is Very quiet as we gear up getting ready For March as we move officially into the Age of Aquarius because Pluto planet of Change and transformation will be Changing sides into Aquarius now in the

US and of course sudden in Pisces as Well so in the astrological world this Is a really big deal because Pluto Changes signs every 12 to 28 years so Pluto will be in Aquarius for the next 20 plus years so it really is a big deal And what it means is there's going to be More of Um you know we're looking more at Equality we're looking more at Scientific and technological Breakthroughs during this uh New Era so It's exciting times for sure Um you know we started off this decade Pretty bumpy but it looks like you know We're finally able to uh you know see See the path forward so it starts to Come come about you know in March so February astrologically is pretty quiet Time there's no retrograde planets Either Which means that there's a lot of Um you know we're we're able to let let Our stuff go and to be able to move Forward you know the things that might Have been lingering for quite a while You know there's hope now that we can Wrap it up so we can you know begin Afresh with within the age of Aquarius Next month So uh be sure to check out astrology.tv Horoscope slash weekly for more detail About what's in store for your zodiac Sign this week and sign up for one of my

Free horoscope newsletters that's Astrology.tv slash newsletters I'm Kelly Fox thanks for tuning in

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