🌛✨ Weekly horoscope for January 16th to January 22nd 2023 with Kelli Fox

Hi there I'm Kelly Fox from Astrology.tv with a weekly astrological Overview for January 16th through the 22nd We have so much going on this week it's Like this is the week that should have Been the start of this year not the Middle of January so what we've got this Week What we've got this week is yay Mercury Finally will no longer be retrograde Uh and I'll explain more about what that Means soon We have the Sun moving into Aquarius and We have uh on the weekend a new moon in Aquarius and then uh on Sunday we have Uranus planet of the unexpected finally Finally will no longer be retrograde so I'm going to talk about what each of These influences mean but it really is a Lot going there is a lot going on this Week And for more detail about what's in Store for your zodiac sign Be sure to visit astrology.tv horoscope Slash weekly and sign up for one of my Free horoscope emails that's astrology Dot TV slash newsletters Okay let me start with Mercury no longer Retrograde which always brings a huge uh Sigh of relief when Mercury is no longer Retrograde yay thankfully So Mercury is the planet of Communication uh it's in Capricorn it

Moved into Capricorn in December it Turned retrograde uh December 29th and Um it's been retrograde for the past Three weeks now Mercury typically stays In one sign for three weeks but when It's in this retrograde cycle which is Three to four times per year like it is Now uh it's six weeks which feels like Such a drag If you're a cardinal sign or have any Planets in the cardinal signs that's Aries cancer Libra Capricorn then you Know what I'm talking about with regards To it being a drag you know Communication goes backwards there's Misunderstandings We have to redo things from the past Especially things that were said we have To clear things up have those Discussions so now this week that Mercury will no longer be retrograde uh The good news is we can start Implementing those New Year's Resolutions we can start laying out Plans for the future I mean it's really Exciting uh that mercury will be moving Forward again in Capricorn and also the Other planetary influences this week Really do support that you know looking To the future you know with the Sun Moving into Aquarius on Friday it's About thinking outside the box you know And with these Capricorn Aquarian Influences it's very much about having

That courage to be able to take those Steps forward into our future you know The sun in Aquarius is is going to be There for the next four weeks and it's Very much about Not just thinking outside the box but It's really about equality and you know Fairness and Justice and we think about The collective rather than just Ourselves and you know there'll be Technological and scientific Breakthroughs we're getting ready to Move into the age of Aquarius which Officially comes about in March so with The sun now moving into Aquarius Um it gives us a taste of that we're Starting to get ready and then of course On Saturday we've got the new moon in Aquarius which supports everything Aquarius so if you're an air sign that's Gemini Libra Aquarius this is fantastic News for you it really is about doing What you do best leading the rest of us Through your intellectual genius you Know Aquarius is the genius of the Zodiac Aquarius is just plain brilliant So anything that's hard or has been hard To solve problems been hard to solve now That mercury moving forward sun in Aquarius and Now new moon in Aquarius on The weekend it's all systems go this is Fully supported by Uranus turning direct Now Uranus is the planet of rebellion But it's also the planet of genius and

It's connected to Aquarius so what all That means is it's like now we can make Those breakthroughs you know the past Few months might have felt like a Struggle or the past obviously the past Few years but you know these past few Months it really has been quite a Challenge as we try and wrap things up So we can move forward into the future So with urine is turning direct it's Been retrograde since August uh you know We can start to move forward Uranus is In Taurus at the moment it stays in a Sign for seven years so it's like you Know there's been some shaky Financial Foundations for many of us especially if You're a fixed side Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius or have any planets in the Fixed science so it's like you know We've been on Shaky Ground now things Can really start to move forward so There's really a lot to love about this Week there's a lot going on there's a Lot a lot to really Embrace and we can Start to move forward as we move into The new era the age of Aquarius which Officially comes about in March So a recap of this week we've got Mercury no longer retrograde we've got The sun in Aquarius the new moon in Aquarius Uranus turns direct so when you Put all those things together it really Is about thinking outside the box being Able to finally move forward so we can

Implement these New Year's resolutions That we're so Keen to get moving on for Sure That's it from me Kelly Fox from Astrology.tv be sure to uh get more Detail about what's in store for your Zodiac sign this week astrology dot TV Slash horoscope slash weekly and sign up For one of my free horoscope newsletters That's astrology.tv slash newsletters

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