🌛✨ Weekly horoscope for January 30th to February 5th 2023 with Kelli Fox

Hi there I'm Kelly Fox from astrology.tv With the weekly astrological overview For January 30th through February fear So the Astro headline of this week is The full moon in Leo oh my goodness I Don't even know where to begin with that One uh but for I have to say this first For more detail about what's in store For your zodiac sign this week be sure To visit astrology.tv horoscope slash Weekly and sign up for one of my free Horoscope emails to get your horoscope Delivered straight to your inbox every Day that's astrology.tv slash Newsletters okay full moon in Leo now I'm going to break this down step by Step and uh if you are a fix I know That's uh Taurus Leo Scorpio or Aquarius Or have any planets into fixed science Listen carefully okay so on Sunday uh February 5th we have a full moon in Leo And that's at 16 degrees nearly 17 Degrees Leo so what that means is a full Moon is is when the Sun and Moon are Opposite and the Earth is in the middle And so it's like this tug of war you Know if you think about it like a seesaw It's sort of like you've got to find That equilibrium you have to find that Balance because this is really fixed Energy of the full moon it's about Trying not to be obstinate or stubborn Or digging your heels in it's about Compromise which is going to be really

Hard to do So you know that's the full moon it Happens every month sometimes Occasionally twice a month uh and so This full moon happens to be in Leo so It's about the ego you know we've got to Be careful when dealing with other People about our ego and not taking Anything too personally with their ego And when trying to come up with Solutions to problems or fixing things We can't just be said in our ways or Make decisions based off the ego it Really is about You know finding that balance thinking About others taking care of others you Know this energy is also about Generosity and Leadership uh and finding That courage within to actually you know Step Up When when called upon or if need Be now if this full moon it's hooking Into Um some other planets so I'm just Checking my ephemeris here and I'm going To talk about that so this four men as I Said is is uh 16 17 degrees Leo it's Forming a very nice sextile to Mars Mars In Gemini so use your words uh is my First thing that that I want to say Around that energy there's opportunities To use your words and feeling heard and Understood now that that Mercury Retrograde is far behind us it's about Taking actions you know like we can

Speak up and we've got brilliant ideas And we can actually put those ideas into So uh you know this full moon Forms of fantastic sex doll to Mars it's Also forming a wonderful Um Trine A very wide trying to Jupiter planet of Hope and optimism which is also in Aries That's a fellow Fireside There's a lot of action at the moment With this fiery energy there's a lot of Thoughts thought going on but with Action so from thoughts comes action Because you know sometimes you have Ideas swirling around but you actually Can't quite implement this is not one of Those times it's about you know joining Together with others Where we're aligned on the same page and We can make stuff happen uh and then Also you know the kicker here though is There's a square from this full moon to Uranus which is not great squares are Quite challenging it's a 90 degree angle Uranus is the planet of the Unpredictable uh it's also in Taurus Which is a fellow uh fixed sign so Basically it can be quite a volatile Energy and things might come at us from Left Field that we hadn't been expecting Or anticipating uh but the key here is Compromise and understanding because Sometimes when we're so immersed in Something we can't always see the

Situation clearly so what's what this Energy is telling us is if we can be as Flexible and adaptable as possible That's when we achieve the outcome we Want That's it from me that that's plenty for This week with this full moon in Leo and Of course it happens on Sunday at the Very end of the week or if depending on Where you are in the world even Monday So we've got this build up all week to This full moon uh that's happening in Leo we've got to keep our egos in check To get more detail about what's in store For your zodiac sign this week be sure To visit astrology.tv horoscope slash Weekly and sign up to one of my free Horoscope newsletters that's Astrology.tv newsletters I'm Kelly Fox Thanks for tuning in Foreign

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