🌛✨ Weekly horoscope for November 14th to November 20th 2022 with Kelli Fox

Hi there I'm Kelly Fox from astrology.tv With a weekly astrological overview for November 14th through the 20th and for More detail about what's in store for Your zodiac sign be sure to visit Astrology.tv slash horoscope slash Weekly So the big news of the week is we have Two planets changing signs uh Mercury And Venus and both are moving into Sagittarius So what that all means is that it's all Fun and games basically is a summary There uh with Venus and Mercury and sag So let me start with the excuse me with Mercury and so Mercury is a planet of The mind and so Sagittarius is a fiery Fire sign it's a mutable sign so we're Flexible and adaptable so Mercury is Planet of the Mind Venus is planet of Love and money so you put all these Keywords together Mercury will be in Venus uh from the 17th of November uh All the way through December 6th when it Moves into Capricorn so this is really Great for uh looking at the big picture And especially when it comes to our Relationships because Love Love and Money plan Venus uh moves into Sagittarius Lake as well Venus will move Into Sagittarius on November 16th and Stay all the way through December 10th Or 9th depending on where you are in the World so Venus and Mercury and

Sagittarius you know if you're looking To travel or go on a romantic getaway Somewhere you're looking to book travel Maybe even take a class or a course if You're single and looking regardless of What zodiac sign you are You know this is a great time to sort of Be open-minded Um think think of someone who you Normally wouldn't sort of go for not Normally your type looking for the tall Dark and handsome stranger regardless of What gender you are what you're looking For so you know Mercury and Venus moving Into Sagittarius this week where they Will be for a few weeks you know it Really is about having fun adventure Exploration Independence uh you know Looking to broaden your horizons of the Mind and of the heart so regardless of What relationship status you are it's About seeing something from a broader Perspective and primarily it could be Your relationship it could be your bank Account although typically you know with The Sagittarian energy it's really not Great for saving it's more about Spending and spending sometimes Recklessly so we need to be careful About that the other thing with Mercury In Sagittarius it's about being you know On the flip side about being dogmatic or Opinionated so many of us will need to Take care with that especially if you're

A mutable sign or you have any planets In immutable signs that's Gemini Virgo Sagittarius and Pisces so it is about Looking at the bigger picture being able To see the forest from the trees and Really being strategic in a lot of ways And being able to be flexible and Adaptable that's also another key here With Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius It's about Um you know broadening our Horizons Seeing something in a way we'd never Seen before Being able to let things go when they Don't work out it's not being able it's Not about holding on to our opinions so Tight that we can't see anything else in Front of us so that's what's happening For the next few weeks that's the Astro Headline uh the Astro headlines for this Week but of course For more detail about what's in store For your zodiac sign be sure to visit Astrology.tv horoscope slash weekly I'm Kelly Fox thanks for tuning in

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