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Hi there I'm Kelly Fox from astrology.tv With the weekly astrological overview For November 21st through the 27th and For more information about what's in Store for your zodiac sign be sure to Visit Astrology.tv horoscope slash weekly so We have three big things going on this Week three big astrological events the First is there's a new moon on Wednesday The sun into Sagittarius on Tuesday and Also on Wednesday we've got Jupiter Planet of luck and good fortune turning Direct and I'm sort of deciding which I Should talk about first and I'd have to Say it would be the new moon in Sagittarius on Wednesday which does tie Into the Sun moving into Sagittarius on Tuesday So Sun moving into Sagittarius on Tuesday and then immediately it comes Together uh it conjuncts the moon and That's uh known as a new moon when the Sun and Moon are together they form a Conjunction in Sagittarius so new moons Happen once a month and they're all About new beginnings and the start of a New cycle when it's in Sagittarius Newman and Sagittarius it's about Broadening our Horizons you know it's The same it's the same influence as uh The sun in Sagittarius on Tuesday for The next month but with the Moon the Moon is about emotions and feelings and

You know just expansion so uh sun and Moon in Sagittarius the new moon on Wednesday midweek so it's about Broadening our Horizons you know we Might be looking to travel think about Travel especially during the holiday Season uh travel is always on the agenda It's about not not just physically you Know broadening our Horizons or changing Our perspective on something but Mentally as well so it's a great time to Sign up for a class or a course we might Also be dealing with some sort of legal Issues at this time you know it's a very Fiery energy because Sagittarius is a Fire sign the other fire signs are Aries And Leo so we're on the go and you know Sagittarius being a mutable sign It's adaptable you know it's flexible And adaptable so we're not holding on to Something you know unlike the past few Weeks where we've been dealing with a Lot of fixed energy especially coming Off the back of the eclipse season that We've just had in fixed signs uh you Know mutable this mutable Sagittarius Energy is about adaptability being able To go with the flow you know being able To see things from a different point of View the the flip side of this though is You know Dogma you know we've got to be Careful not to be so set in our opinions That we can't see you know another point Of view that's just the shadow side of

This also uh you know on Wednesday on The 23rd 23rd Jupiter planet of Sagittarius turns direct now this is Really big news and you know sometimes With the outer planets it doesn't matter So much about when they turn direct or Go retrograde or whatever this is Important because it represents a lot of Things it represents you know Jupiter uh Turning Direct in Pisces it's about Endings and completion because Pisces is The last sign of the zodiac so it's all About finishing things up because back In May of this year you know we had Jupiter move into Aries so this was a Brand new 12-year cycle Um and it's all it's a real Superman Sort of can-do energy so you know it Retrograded end of July of this year and That this is Jupiter and then continued Retrograding back into Pisces from Aries So now it's moving forward again uh in In at the very end of Pisces so we've Got these final few weeks to get Something finished for good you know it Really is a big deal it's about Finishing something finally it's over It's complete because you know in December Jupiter will move forward into Aries again and it really for real will Be about New Beginnings now this is Really insightful because we're getting Ready for not just a new year 2023 but We're moving into a new era according to

Astrologers you know we're moving into The age of Aquarius that comes about in March of 2023. this is a really big deal Anytime Pluto changes signs it's a big Deal in the astrological World Pluto Moving into uh Aquarius the last time This happened was in the late 1700s so This is a really big deal it was all About Revolution so we're looking again Um at a new era you know the dawning of A new era we're moving into a new era as A collective the age of Aquarius really Is about being aligned and being part of Something much bigger than ourselves so This is really exciting news Jupiter Changing signs uh soon in December and Then moving forward with New Beginnings Aligning with Pluto and Saturn moving Into Pisces so there's a lot of Planetary shifts going on and we're Going to start seeing really big change Coming about with Pluto moving excuse me Jupiter moving forward Pluto and Saturn Changing signs so this week is quite Momentous you know off the back of the Eclipses and now we start to sort of Things start to even out and we start to Be able to sort of see ahead now you Know the past few years we haven't been Able to see ahead and this year we can Probably feel it some of us but now we Can actually start to see the light Starting to shine at the end of the Tunnel it's really exciting uh and it's

This this really is a special moment in Time so be sure to check out what's in Store for your zodiac sign more detail Astrology.tv horoscope slash weekly you Can also sign up for one of my free Horoscope emails to get your daily Weekly monthly horoscope that's Astrology.tv slash newsletters thanks For tuning in I'm Kelly Fox

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