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Hi there I'm Kelly Fox from astrology.tv With the monthly astrological overview For March 2023 now this is a huge month In astrology probably the biggest month Of 2023. the biggest month in maybe more Than 2023 and that's because we've got Pluto the planet of change and Transformation and power moving into Philanthropic humanitarian brilliant Aquarius where it will be for the next 20 plus years this is a really big deal In astrology uh many astrologers are Saying this is the age of Aquarius That's happening which means the Collective Consciousness you know we we Raise our vibration as humankind this is Really really big news uh also in March We have other really huge news and that Is Saturn Planet of karma responsibility Discipline obligation systems and Structures Moving into Pisces where it will be for Two and a half years so this is all About boundaries and bringing together Bringing together Uh you know intuitive psychic abilities With uh The obligation or the uh Responsibilities it's also about Boundaries as well so that's going to be Really interesting to see over the next Couple of years Um

How we address boundaries you know very Different to what we've been doing these Other these past couple of years prior Now for more information about what's in Store for your zodiac sign this month be Sure to visit Astrology.tv slash horoscope slash Monthly So March big news Pluto in Aquarius uh Saturn in Pisces we've also got the First of two new moods in Aries now Normally in a calendar month we have one New moon one full moon occasionally we Have two but uh you know we've got one New moon in Aries this month and one new Moon in Aries next month this month it's At zero degrees and next month it Happens to be a solar eclipse this month The for the new moon in Aries the first One of the two Coincides with the astrological new year With the vernal equinox and with Springtime in the northern hemisphere Autumn in the southern hemisphere so We've got two very potent new moons in Aries this year uh the first one is in March and it's all about new beginnings And being Fearless uh you know Aries is The warrior of the zodiac it's all about New Beginnings optimism hope uh you know That you you couple that together with Pluto in Aquarius sudden in Pisces uh You know this is this is all about Humankind turning over a new Leaf we're

On the threshold here of something Really big really big change is in store And heaven knows we really need that After the past couple of years we've all Had so the news is you know March we've Got the first uh the First new moon in Aries then we've got uh Pluto and Aquarius sudden in Pisces new new really Huge New Beginnings it's all about Metamorphosis and transformation we also Have a full moon in Virgo that coincides With Saturn in Pisces so this is all About Um many of us might be feeling like Overly emotional when it comes to Structures and boundaries and details And the practic the Practical side of Life and if you haven't paid attention To the detail you might find that you're Dealing with these issues at this time So there's a lot a lot a lot going on in March there the headlines not just of March but of 2023 And also you know in March there's going To be no retrograde planets the same as February and mostly throughout April so You know we're able to move forward We're able to move forward and and not Uh be feeling held back as so many of us Have been these past few years so for More detail about what's in store for Your zodiac sign be sure to visit Astrology.tv horoscope slash monthly you Can also get a personalized uh forecast

Report at astrology.tv and be sure to Sign up to one of my free horoscope Newsletters that's astrology.tv slash Newsletters I'm Kelly Fox thanks for Tuning in

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