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Hi there this is Kelly Fox from Astrology.tv with your monthly Astrological overview for May 2023 Oh my goodness That's the first thing with a lunar Eclipse and a Mercury retrograde Happening all at the same time and then Jupiter changing signs that's basically The headline of May 2023 and I've got my Ephemeris here that I'm just going to Refer to so let me start with the lunar Eclipse so there's a lunar eclipse which Is a supercharged full moon that's Happening on May 5th and that's Happening in the very very intense sign Of Scorpio so lunar eclipses are Supercharged four moons and it's all About something coming to the light or Something being illuminated that might Have been previously hidden and because It's in Scorpio it's going to be Something that really doesn't want to Come to the light so the truth will be Revealed and it will be a truth from the Past because Mercury planet of the mind And communication Is retrograde and will be retrograde With the lunar eclipse in Taurus so it's Like there's a double level of Stubbornness with this lunar eclipse and Mercury retrograde energy it's very Intense people will be quite fixed in Their opinions with this double dose of Intensity

And also I talked about Jupiter planet Of luck and good fortune moving into Taurus where it will be for the next Year so Jupiter and Taurus is really Really great energy for money and Finances so no matter what sign you are It's fantastic for finances and you know Having two feet on the ground being Completely grounded when make making Financial decisions there's a lot to Look forward to with this energy of Jupiter and Taurus so with the eclipses You know the first eclipse of 2023 was April 19th 20th that was a solar eclipse In Aries now the second eclipse of 2023 Is a lunar eclipse in Scorpio so super Intense it comes together with uh with Uranus planet of the unexpected there Could be some shocks and surprises that Are coming about with this lunar eclipse On the 5th uh because of the involvement Of Uranus and it could be to do with Money and finances Now this lunar eclipse is at 14 degrees Scorpio uh and I'm just looking across My ephemeras to see what else is hooking Into it Mars in cancer we want to take Action and we're driven by our instincts So that's a good thing it's just the Hold up here or the things to be aware Of are that there's a Mercury retrograde Which hooks into the eclipse along with Uranus so uh unexpected communication Might be quite surprising uh just to add

To the intensity of the lunar eclipse So they're the headlines of May we've Got a new moon uh in Taurus that's on The 19th and so again all about finances Or stability and structure in your life Take a new turn for the fixed signs Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius is new uh New directions could be challenging but If you're an earth sign Taurus Virgo Capricorn it could be a good thing you Know you do what you do best at that Time Also in May we've got uh love planet Venus moving into cancer on the seventh Emotions are really big it's a great Time for connecting with those that we Love it's also an excellent time uh for Money even though I said it's intense Because of the eclipses Uh you know a lot of us are thinking About money at this time then I said We've got Jupiter moving into Taurus Mars moves into Leo on May 20th Um so be careful of egos uh with all This fixed energy not just Mars in Leo But uh you know Jupiter moving into uh Taurus as well it's like we we all need To watch that we're not digging our Heels in just for the sake of proving Ourselves right and then on the 21st We've got the Sun moving into sociable Gemini so once we we get through May Then we can start moving forward in to You know new directions it's just you

Know March April May uh has have been a Time of change so the next lot of Eclipses are going to be in October and The focus there will be on relationships So Mercury uh will be retrograde for uh Half the time of May and then it turns Direct on May 14th 15th so then you know There's the second Mercury retrograde Behind us so it really you know Mercury Retrograde for the first half of May is Really all about slowdown of Communication and having to explain Ourselves really well uh so people can Sort of keep up but really the thought Processes are quite methodical and Practical so there's a lot of Taurus Energy in may not just because it's the Birthday month of Taurus but because uh You know there's planets here in Taurus You know the Sun Mercury and Jupiter Moving into Taurus along with Uranus so There's a lot of fixed slow energies as Well as Pluto and Aquarius that's fixed Energy too so there's energy where Things could feel like this slowing down But really it gives us time Um a pause for a reprieve you know and Just to really sort of think things Through and the best approach So for more detail about what's in store For your zodiac sign this month be sure To visit astrology.tv Horoscope slash monthly or sign up for One of my free horoscope emails uh

Delivered straight to your inbox every Day every week or every month that's Astrology.tv slash newsletters I'm Kelly Fox thanks for tuning in

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