Angel Message 😇 February 3-February 9, 2023 (Personalized Angel Card Reading)

Welcome I'm Elizabeth Harper I'm Thrilled that you've joined me on I'm here with this Week's angel messages we're doing them a Little bit different this week we're Going to work with the numerology as Well the numbers as well as the angel Energy what I'd love for you to do is Choose either one two or three Or choose the numbers 104 97 or 14. 103 97 or 14. So see which number which energy comes To you you can place your hands over Your heart just say angel wings and Invite the angels in to guide you Whatever feels good for you Okay We are going to start with 103 number One so 103 is Archangel Haniel this Beautiful vibration of lunar femininity Intuition imagination Etc the bottle color of Archangel annual Is a beautiful Pale blue it's iridescent blue and has a Deep Magenta in there as well so if you Imagine it's like the heavens that Beautiful iridescent blue of the heavens When the moon is shining brightly and Then the darkness of the earth is that Deep magenta so there's a connection to The heavens you're being invited to Connect To your light

To that beautiful luminescent light that Is you and then bring it down shine it On your life your light your your Presence your your whole being On the Earth plane so you're connecting Your spirit Heaven to Earth So when we look at the numbers 1 0 3 1 is you that energy of the light Three is that vibration of expansion and Abundance three is Jupiter So if we put those numbers together we Create four right So we have Uranus coming in as well so There's this sense of surprises and of Unexpected things happening for you at This time So again when we think of the light Coming in it's saying that your angels Are opening your light up it's opening You up to gifts opening up to Possibilities and opportunities over the Course of this week and maybe Beyond I feel with this as well with our kinjal Haniel that she is inviting you to Connect with your loved ones you love Johnson's Spirit your loved ones on the Earth plane so if we think of the Moon There's the Dark Side of the Moon it's Known there's the light side so maybe The light side or the people that you Can see on the dark side are those that Have crossed over Into the Heavenly Realms and there's a Veil between you

So I feel your angels are saying make a Connection to both sides of your family To both sides of your friends to all of These beings that are behind the veil And also through in your life at this Time I'm feeling too with this As they connect to the flowers that are There the blossoming of the flowers There is a sense of blossoming with your Intuition your psychic abilities your Healing skills Etc that these are Opening up over the course of this week As well And just one final thing with this you Know it has this deep Magenta in it too And that is connection to the Earth but The Deep magenta also has all Possibilities within it So anything can happen for you so part Of this light is opening you up so you Can realize just how powerful you are Realize your creation skills realize That Everything is Within Reach For You Okay Feel that's it I love that Second card is number 97 and this is the Sun it's archangel Uriel So this particular bottle has this Beautiful gold and deep deep blue in it This green blue uh it's not really Indigo it's what Um it's like a pathogry blue like the

Back of the card So there is a sense in this with the Gold and energy and the blue again now I Feel into this it is the sun it's the Heavens that blue of the heavens and the Sun and the light So it's almost the same as Archangel Haniel with that same vibration of Heaven and Earth this is in the heavens The light of the heavens an archangel Uriel the Sun the light is coming down And burning away what doesn't serve you Burning away anything that doesn't need To be there anymore it's nine and seven Nine is the energy of completion so it's Time to complete something it's time to Move on from something and seven is that Movement forward but seven is also the Link with your spirit so it's almost Like a spirit your soul your light That part of the source that is within You is now ready to release and let go And complete something these two numbers Together make 16 16 and the tarot is the Tower so it's letting everything move Out it's all those Foundations that are no longer solid That don't serve you without cracks in Them That are falling down All those boundaries that maybe you've Put up That have prevented you from healing are Now coming down because you're inviting

The light in from archangel Uriel you're Inviting that energy in and saying okay I am done with this it's over moving out I feel that's what this energy is saying The gold a golden opportunity is its Wisdom And then this beautiful blue that is There I feel like it's part of your Purpose it's part of your next step Something you can do which is coming in For me is to write down what it is You're ready to release And then burn it Use the fire element to release that Energy Burn it out I love that okay Number three number three is 14 and it's Temperance in orosoma this is white and Gold we have gold again so each card Feels like it's connected to the next One so if you think of white and gold It's a little bit like that Moon of the The lunar white energy to begin with and Then the sun of the golden light as well So the two coming together so there is a Sense of balance in here at that male And female a ballooner energy and the Solar energy One and four fourteen so fourteen it Feels like that energy is saying okay so We have grown a lot You have grown through so many Challenges so many lessons experiences

Just as I'm saying that's all these Different Sparks coming up around here When I see Sparks it's the truth I feel that that 14 is saying You are ready to explore there's a sense Of you're ready to you're getting ready To take that next step and 14 in the Tarot as Temperance it's balance it's Balancing your finances it's balancing Your emotions it's balancing work life It's balancing your connection to Spirit And your connection to the physical World so there's a balance in here that Is very important for you at this time The White and the gold silver and gold Alchemy so part of this card is saying There are going to be lessons around Manifestation there are going to be Lessons around You recognizing your ability to manifest A manifesting doesn't necessarily mean Lots of money you're manifesting success It can be manifesting just the smallest Things in your life Manifesting a parking spot Manifesting a phone call Manifesting A reservation for a restaurant When everybody said you'll never get a Reservation So it's these little things I feel over This next week and beyond that your Angels are saying you know we're going To help you to manifest

We're going to help you to realize your Manifestation skills And it's nothing Huge doesn't feel like it's Lottery Manifestation it feels more like it's Just those little things that you might Miss And your angels are going to nudge you And say look you manifested that you Created that see how powerful you are And I feel that's part of this energy Here she has one foot in the water and One foot on the land and I feel that Water Is a symbol of Life a flow of being on The flow of being in that movement I Feel that that water is part of your Connection to Spirit Connection to the light connection to The divine And I feel like you're gonna bring that Into your physical life But it's going to be balanced with that As well Your angels are guiding you with this One and four one is that light of the Sun and you the four again is that Energy of Uranus and surprises that are Coming in and when we put these two Numbers together it's five and five is a Hero front and lessons lessons to be Learned but five is the energy of Mercury as well communication So I feel with this that it's about

Communicating With your soul with your angels but what It is you truly wish for what you want To bring into your life And then allowing that energy to come in Not because they're doing it but because You're doing it you're bringing that Intention in and you're really focusing On it manifesting in the Here and Now I love that Thank you so much for being here with me I'm sending you Angel blessings For your week ahead I look forward to Seeing you next week

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