Angel Message 😇 January 27-February 2, 2023 (Personalized Angel Card Reading)

Welcome I'm Elizabeth Harper and Thrilled that you've joined me on I'm here with this Week's angel messages So this week we're using the Gaia Oracle To connect with our Angels what I'd love You to do is place your hands over your Heart just like angel wings invite your Angels to guide you to message one two Or three a message that comes from their Heart to yours All right you ready All right these have a heart on them Which is kind of nice I'm just going to Place these next to my heart invite the Angels in Oh I can feel that heart coming in right There now I'm just gonna shuffle them With the intention that you receive the Guidance the support The Angelic blessings and healing that You most need Number one is Winter's end so it says regeneration Rebirth Positive outcome So when you look at that you see she Doesn't have any clothes on so she's Vulnerable There is that sense of there are no Layers of protection there is nothing in The way What she has behind her it's almost as If there is overgrowth and she's

Stepping out of that overgrowth to begin Again so it says regeneration rebirth Positive outcome When you think of the end of the winter So we think of we've been in the cold We've been in a place where there hasn't Been any growth and now it's time for You to step out so you can plant new Seeds so that you can begin again so That you can open your wings up so that You can start a new Journey So your angels are saying it's time to Come out it's time to come out from Hibernation it's time to come out from Being stuck it's time to take that next Step And I feel with this you know with the Angelic energy as well there is almost This sense of Maybe it's time to declutter maybe it's Time to get rid of things that you don't Need maybe it's time to move stuff out So that then you can expand expand your Light expand your energy I'm just Thinking of like a Goldfish in a goldfish Bowl I always Think of this that you know goldfish Tend to Grow to the size of the Goldfish Bowl Right if you've got a bigger space Around you if you've got less clutter Then maybe you can grow and you don't Mean physically maybe you can Energetically grow

Beyond where you are right now and I Feel that's part of the Regeneration and Part of the rebirth for you There's one more thing with that I have A strong sense of wore this before when I was talking about Archangel sandal fun In my group that Archangel sandal fine Is with you Call an archangel sandalfan to support You we think of sandal fun as working With prayers But there is this sense of taking the Next step on your journey So cool and send off on to help you with That next step Number two Number two is very similar image Eternal dance So what's interesting to me is If we think of that past card where The tree is behind this is all around So this says Movement Wheel of Life Path of least resistance So movement the sense of moving at this Time movement again movement forward Wheel of Life tells me it's changed it's Very much like the first card it feels Like it's a the same message that's Coming in but it also says path of least Resistance So I feel that is the key to this that There can be resistance sometimes we Resist things so we want something in

Our lives We say this is the path forward this is What I want to bring in this is the Success that I want to achieve But we Can stop ourselves we can be resistant To it we say well you know what maybe I'm not quite ready Maybe I'm not good enough Maybe I don't have the qualifications For this So I feel with this that your angels are Saying Turn around there's just this sense of Them saying turn around look at where You've come from look at how much you've Achieved look at what you've done so far Look at Who You Are And look at what You can bring into existence what you Can manifest what you can Bring to the world So when I get the sense of this Particular card even though it says Movement and eternal dance I get this Sense of being held back And I feel like part of that being held Back is just you And that's not a judgment Because we all hold ourselves back don't We There's something within us that holds Us back So I feel with this that it's time to

Ask your angels for support and help Ask them to Guide you to release whatever it is that Is holding you back whatever it is that Is stopping you from moving forward Whatever it is that is making you go Around and around in circles Ask your angels to support you with that And what comes to me with that Is Archangel Gabriel again we've been Using working with Archangel Gabriel uh In the past in my group and there's just This sense of Gabriel Is the Angel of the messenger But there is a feeling with Gabriel that Gabriel is bringing light in But Gabriel is going to help you to see That way forward to help you with your Vision Gabriel is going to help you I Feel to unleash yourself from the past And to really guide you to take a step Forward How does that feel for you I love that Perception that's interesting it says Beyond the Veil of Illusion So when you look at that card as you can See you can see there's a heart right There almost at the throat the throat is Lighting up and the third eye is Lighting up Perception We can Perceive so much can't we

We have our two eyes to see and we also Have our third eye that sees beyond the Veil But we also see with our hearts That's the message that's coming in for Me for me Angelic realm is seeing from Your heart Is not seeing with your eyes not seeing With your intuition necessarily with Your third eye but it's seeing with your Heart What do you want to see What do you want to see in your world What do you want to experience what do You want to feel What do you want to Have in your world that will Bring the most beautiful emotion that Will bring the love that you desire into Your life So I'm feeling the message here is about The perception of not enough for the Perception of lack or the perception of I don't have everything that I want or I Can't do this I feel that your angels are saying look At Again look at Who You Are And know that you have everything within You Know that everything achievable is in Every cell of your being that is already Programmed in there And it's just a case of

Opening it up And I feel that the message here as I'm Hearing at is that you can open up those Cells Those success cells Just by Not just by your vision But by your knowing But you're knowing that you can do it You're knowing that it's possible you're Knowing that you can do anything that You have within you source The source that is within everything in The universe So this says Beyond the Veil of Illusion What's the illusion this is the illusion Doesn't seem like it does it Seems very real But the reality Is something so much bigger And that reality that energy is within You So I feel that your angels are saying Look to the truth the truth is within You What is it you want to bring into your World into your life into your heart Don't look outside of yourself for it Look Within Deep message Thank you so much for being here thank You angels for working with us and Helping Helping sending you so much love

And your blessings to I'll see you next Week

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