Angel Message 😇 March 10-March 16, 2023 (Personalized Angel Card Reading)

Welcome I'm Elizabeth Harper I'm Thrilled that you've joined me on I'm here with this Week's angel messages So you can choose number one two or Three as the card one two or three or You can choose the number of the card 94 96 or 105. 94 96 or 105. It feels right for you Place your hands over your heart just Invite your angels to guide you to a Message that will support you at this Time All right you ready Just gonna Shuffle these around see what Comes up Whenever I take the cards I'm just Randomly taking them out of the deck and I was very surprised at the cards today This one is our King chill Michael And it's a tower it's saying that some Part of your life is changing shifting And it may have been built on unsolid Foundations It may be that it's just time for it to Leave And that's okay You know it might not feel okay at the Time it might feel challenging and Difficult and scary and there might be a Lot of fear coming up but Archangel Michael comes in to support You with this so just call on this

Beautiful Mighty Angel to help you to Take this next step this next step into Your power this next step into a new Adventure A New Journey it's exciting So Archangel Michael the colors in this Particular deck Link in with yellow and blue gold and Blue Michael's colors right So that blue is finding peace that blue Is communication that blue is being in Control as well The yellow energy is about slaying your Fears So when you think about it Archangel Michael has a sword helping you to cut Away what no longer serves you And it's not in a negative way You know when we say what no longer Serves us it makes it sound like Something was really bad But it may just be that it's time to Move on Simply that time to move on A golden energy is also about your Wisdom And about recognizing that your Intuition is The guiding force for you and to listen To it Okay calling Archangel Michael when you Need support Second card So Archangel Michael was number 94. Let's see what comes up now

And this is Archangel Raphael you see This is number 96. 6 I'm talking to Raphael in this Particular deck Comes in with the lunar vibration the Lunar energy so again there's a full Circle that's there right But instead of green like we most know Archangel Raphael this card is a deep Blue this bottle is a deep blue because It comes from orosoma And To me this is saying that You know you may have Been through a dark hour it may have Been that you know times have been a Little bit tough But Raphael is trying to show you that There is a new moon and then there's a Full moon and then we come around in a Cycle and there's a new moon so the Messages that Nothing stays the same That there are always shifts even when We have routine there's something that's Different in that routine So Raphael wants you to know that you Can be healed that you can receive Healing that even though sometimes it May seem as if you're stuck in a certain Pattern or stuck with a certain Way of life that healing can happen and Healing doesn't mean curing Healing means bringing you back to

Wholeness and sometimes that means there Isn't a cure necessarily it's about just Being in this place of wholeness And that could be the Cure That could be that place where Everything else dissolves and moves away From you and when you're in this state Of wholeness you're in a place of Balance Peace happiness joy And it's finding that isn't it Finding that energy within you calling Archangel Raphael to support you with That This number 96 So with the nine nine is a number of Completion so we had that with the Archangel Michael card as well that Number nine of completion of Archangel Michael there was a number four and that Four is also an energy of completion and A fresh new start well this one has the Number six in it Six is the number of Venus love So Archangel Raphael is inviting you to Complete some circle that maybe you have Not received loved or you felt like you Were unloved and to open your energy Your light your heart to the essence and Frequency of love When you add these two together nine and Six he makes 15 and in the tarot that's The devil card and devil is just lived Backwards it's energy in reverse

So it's just saying that something has Tied you To an event a situation A Feeling a Pattern a thought And now you can cut those ties just the Same with Archangel life you can cut the Ties and move into a place of love and It's time Our final cards 105 and look 105 is six Right and you add those numbers up it's Love again so this is all about Embracing love and yet again with Archangel Azrael this is what was Interesting to me that three archangels Came out of a deck so this is a very Important week for all of us Archangel Azrael is all about Something ending A New Beginning so the Whole message for all of us for every Single card and all the numbers is about There's an ending and a new beginning Maybe that ending is the end of winter The end of spring the end of summer you Know wherever you are in the world the End of some season It could be that there's an ending in Your life And It's like a death So there's grieving that will happen There in Archangel Azrael is the perfect Being to call on to help you with that Grief if you're feeling grief The colors here

Are a beautiful coral deep Coral with Gold moving through it I just love this Bottle And this is very much about Finding yourself and finding your truth And realizing that you are not alone And knowing that Things happen sometimes and they are Difficult And we can't believe that we would have Called them into our lives but we have For a reason And their lessons There are opportunities for us to grow That opportunities for us to grow in the Vibration of love and not everyone gets That It's not always an easy lesson But maybe when you look back you can Look back on situations where there was A lot of pain and challenges and you Came out the other side And even though there were scars from That he healed So look back Look back on those instances and draw Power from them Draw healing from them call an archangel Ezreal to help you move through change Because this is a lot of change And it's not negative it's a positive Energy and especially with this Beautiful coral because Coral is a color That links in with Christ consciousness

That Christ consciousness Takes us to a new vibration really Raises up our vibration so you see here The image of the body being raised up That's you it's not you passing into Spirit that's you your energy rising up And it's a little bit like being a hot Air balloon and you've just released all Those sandbags and now you're moving up Into the ethers into the energy into the Light Thank you so much for being here I'm going to send you Angel blessings For your week ahead I look forward to Seeing you next week Bye for now

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