Angel Message 😇 March 17-March 23, 2023 (Personalized Angel Card Reading)

Welcome I'm Elizabeth Harper I'm Thrilled that you've joined me on for this week's angel Messages Now you can choose message one two or Three Or choose 88 91 or 113. 88 91 or 113. So what comes to you you can also place Your hands over your heart invite your Angels to guide you to a message that is Just right for you at this time Okay I'm gonna Shuffle these three cards and See which one comes out first number one Is 113. so if you chose number one or 113 this is your card this is like Angela Casio And when you look at the card you see There is a little Saturn GIF right here In the corner So that Saturn energy and especially With 13 being part of this There is a sense of There could have been something that was Difficult and heavy for you there could Have been something that Has brought your energy down And Casio now is coming in to help you To clear that to help you to I want to say rid yourself of Disappointments it's that's the energy That's coming up right now

And that feeling of Saturn Saturn is Karmic So Saturn is just saying you know things Come around in order for us to see Ourselves they are reflections of us What are you reflecting back at you at This time Who is reflecting back at you at this Time what are they reflecting that you Love and that you dislike because when There's something that you dislike And it's really triggering an emotion Within you then maybe it's something That needs to be healed within you if There's something that you love And again it's really triggering an Emotion within you maybe it's something That you need to find within yourself Because it's there All the energy is there everything is There within you The colors of this particular bottle are Green emerald green and olive green and That green is Archangel Raphael And the olive green there's an aspect of This that is about camouflage at least To me so some part of this is saying That you have hidden some part of you And now that part of you and it could be The shadow is coming out And when that shadow is revealed What do you do You push it down do you get angry do you Get annoyed or do you love it

It's a little bit of a lesson That When the shadow comes up it's a part of You And it wants to be acknowledged and Loved just like a child So I feel Archangel Casio is coming in To guide and help you define those parts Of you that you may have pushed away Pushed down pushed out and now they're Coming back into your Consciousness They're coming back into awareness so That you can embrace them Okay Number two number two is 88. so you see there is a feminine Energy here There's a masculine energy there and There's the turtle vibration That is moving through them as well So this is The Wheel of Fortune it's Actually called Jade emperor in orosoma It's green and blue So when you think about the earth the Earth is green and blue and when you Think about Your body your heart is that beautiful Green energy your throat is that Beautiful blue energy so there's an Aspect of this that is about speaking a Truth It's about sharing from your heart However This is green on the top and blue on the

Bottom So there's some part of this that it may Be that you've said something that you Regret or it's a you haven't said Something and you really needed to or Wanted to That green there's almost a sense of This could be from a long time ago It's not necessarily this year today It could be from years ago that there Was something that you've regretted Saying or something that you regretted Not saying so I feel that part of this Energy coming in is about that and it's About release so green and blue is very Much about healing the heart healing Your communication healing your voice So that you can clear that energy and Come into a place of power And power doesn't necessarily mean Speaking your truth in a way that is Hurtful for others Speaking your truth Is about coming from your heart for sure And it's about keeping everybody safe And it's about sharing what the feelings Are But from a place that Is of love Not from a place that is hurtful and Vindictive So this vibration it may have been that At the time whenever this was you Weren't able to share you were able to

Speak So now it's time to release that it's Time to release those messages it's time To release that energy it's time to Release the voice that is there So that you can come into a place of Healing and wholeness and this is very Much about healing the heart healing the Throat 88 I love that number 88 As Above So Below so we think of eight as very much An abundance number don't we so we can Think of this green as being abundant we Can think of the blue as being our Vision and our communication with the Universe So it can be all those things too I'm feeling with this with the As Above So Below it's also that your soul and Your spirit are in communication with You right now And they're trying to help you to Lead With Love When you lead with love abundance comes Into your life Everything is abundant there are so many Blessings And love is there attracting more love To you to even more abundance to you so There's all kinds of different messages That come in this card with this green And blue What comes up for you maybe there's a Different message for you share that

With us because maybe that'll help Others too Final card final card is 91 this is Number three 91 so it says death on there and that's Only because in this particular deck It's like the tarot cards it comes Around again for a second time you know After 78 cards then it starts up again So this is the 13th card right And so it's number 91. 9 is completion Isn't it you add nine and one together It's a Wheel of Fortune completion and It's coming into a new beginning one The power of you again that new Beginning So you see in this image she's stepping Through A change and then coming out the other End This bottle Is olive green When we started we started with the Green and olive green Then we had blue and green and now this Is olive green And it's kind of interesting to me that None of the other colors came through The oranges and the Reds and the yellows Etc it was the green that is most Important right now So for all of us that green energy is The heart it's healing the heart it's Speaking from the heart and this in our

Summer is called the leadership battle Feminine leadership Green is Well it's about healing from the heart But it's also about connecting to your Feminine side connecting to your Intuition connecting to your sensitivity To your vulnerability and vulnerability Isn't It's not just empowering vulnerability Is when you can be open to love When you can be open To the light that you are So when you come back to this vibration Of green There is a change it's like a change in Identity when green comes through A change in Who You Are And it's going through one door and out The other So when that 9 comes in there is a Completion and then the one is you Saying here I am I'm like a new being I've got new energy and it's a fresh new Start And that's what your angels are guiding You to understand That with every ending there is a new Beginning And this when it says death It doesn't mean that they're Is a physical death It means from this perspective that There is some kind of ending

And with that ending there is a new Beginning When the one comes in one to me is the Sun that beautiful star in the sky that Beautiful energy of the Sun so it's Saying that you are stepping in to your Star being the star as you release and It could be that you're just releasing a Period of time and it could be nine Years Could be the last nine years and just Releasing it and then that one energy is Okay let's start again Thank you so much for being here with me Angel blessings to you and I will see You next week with another Angel message Video

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