Angel Message 😇 March 3-March 9, 2023 (Personalized Angel Card Reading)

Welcome I'm Elizabeth Harper I'm Thrilled that you've joined me on for this week's angel Messages So we have of course three cards so you Can choose one two or three Or you can choose the numbers of the Cards 44 110 or 111 44 110 or 111. Place your hands over your heart and Invite your angels in to guide you to a Message that is just right for you at This time All right So number one let's see what comes up For you Card number one is 44. so this is the guardian angel and or Some of these come from the orisoma Bottles the guardian angel is Lilac and pale blue and that beautiful Lilac and pale blue is a protective Energy that you can put around yourself There is a lilac Flames all around this Beautiful blue energy or blue flames all Around this beautiful lilac energy Whichever way you feel is best for you Cool in your guardian angel your Guardian angel is letting you know that You're on the right path that you're Taking the right steps that you're Moving in the right direction The guardian angel also comes in when You might feel a little bit stuck so

This is the seven of Cups and sometimes With the seven of Cups you have to Have a decision to make so it's like You're looking at things and trying to Figure out what do I need at this moment Or what is it I'm missing maybe I'm Missing something So the Archangel archangels and the Angels and your guardian angel in Particular are there to support you So call in your guardian angel my belief Is that your guardian angel is an aspect Of you That has never incarnated on this planet So your guardian angel is there to love And support you So call in this beautiful being to help You at this time To making decisions that you need to Make to help you to find what is missing In your life and maybe to come to a Place of understanding what your next Step is Okay Four four That four energy is about solidity and Balance and completion so there is a Part of this that is saying that a part Of your life is Shifting changing new Energy coming in when you put those two Fours together you get eight As Above So Below so again I feel that the message Here is about connecting with your Angels connecting with your guardian

Angel to invite them into your life to Help you to move forward We think of eight as an abundance number It's not necessarily about abundance With this it just feels more like it's About that connection with your spirit Team with those who help you All right It's card number two looks like it's Right here number two is Archangel Daniel And I love that this is one one one so If you chose one one one this is your Card as well 111. so Archangel Daniel there's a part Of this energy That again it connects to the heart Doesn't it you can see that green Vibration of the heart There is a feeling in this I almost feel as if it's about following Your heart and following your purpose so It's interesting that there is a theme Every week and this one seems to be About Being on your path So with Daniel There is almost this Sense of I feel like there's lessons workshops Courses education for you at this time That will support you as you move Forward there's not necessarily online It can be on in person it could be books That are you're being guided to read

But I feel that you are being guided to Do something that is connected to your Heart And you know What can block us sometimes is this Thought that oh I'm never going to be Able to make this into a career or Um I'm not good enough to do this or That or the other but it's not true Because education it's it's never Something that is lost it's always going To support you in some way and it's Always going to Bring wisdom Or allow the wisdom that is already Within you to emerge So my sense with this Is that the angels are saying you can See all these angels around Daniel right There They're saying follow your heart what Does your heart say what is your heart Want what is it that is in your heart at This time and there's a green vibration That is here and that is the heart Energy and it could be that With that energy of the heart I feel almost as if as well it's about Healing the heart eating the right Foods Having the right diet Being in a place where you are releasing Emotions you're letting go of mental Patterns it feels like there's a lot Here

And when you think about the numbers one One one there's almost a sense of Physical mental emotional Right Body Mind Spirit those three Energies whatever that may be for you And it's clearing and healing on each of Those levels So that once you've cleared that energy Of your heart your mind your body Whatever that may be for you that then You can take these steps forward Following your heart listening to your Heart being Guided by your heart Health I feel that is the message there Not necessarily physical All right final card final numbers so we Have Archangel and Brielle This is the 110 an embryo has this Beautiful pink Beautiful pink energy and there is a Sense that she is healing relationships And she's healing the relationship Itself First so she's taking off this mask She's got all these masks right there And it's the angry mask the disappointed Mask the Betrayal mask the unloved mask The all these different masks that we Have on a physical level that's just not The truth Because in truths we all love And Truth we are light And Truth we are all connected So feel that embryo is coming in to help

You to release the untruths to see the Truth To help you to release Relationships that may be Have not been in alignment with your Truth But also to see those relationships for The lessons they have to share with you To see the love in others And that's not always an easy thing is It To see loving others when there is A challenge maybe between you But Archangel embryo is inviting you to Let go of the masks and sometimes those Masks come up As a role that we're playing as a role That we think we have to have But it's not a conscious thought it's Just it becomes part of our energy But when you come back to your truth When you come back to your life There is only love So Archangel amriel is coming into your Life right now To invite you to forgive yourself to Forgive others And to really embrace the essence of Love Because that is your truth Okay That's it thank you so much for being Here sending you Angel blessings and Love I'll see you next week

Bye for now

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