Angel Message 😇 November 11-November 17, 2022 (Personalized Angel Card Reading)

Welcome I'm Elizabeth Harper I'm Thrilled that you've joined me on I'm here with this Week's angel messages So we are using my orosoma cards this Week well I would love for you to do is Place your hands over your chest your Heart just like angel wings invite your Angels to guide you to message one two Or three A message that comes from their heart to Yours All right So I'm going to place these cards next To the heart Just invite the Angels in Beautiful Angelic energy And then I'm going to shuffle them it's A lot of cards shuffle them with the Intention that you receive the guidance And support that you most need at this Time All your angels Angels so the first card I'm feeling was The bottom card that I just shuffled so Let's see Archangel Raziel I can't do ratio keeps On coming up which is kind of Interesting So this is a beautiful green color and Lilac color These are colors of transformation and Change So your angels are saying something is

Shifting something is changing for you Archangel Red Seal holds a book of Secrets So the keeper of secrets that say So it's something that has been within You that you haven't accessed haven't Connected with before and it feels like The messages that there is a change That's coming so that you can access Maybe a gift that you have that you Haven't expressed or maybe something That you've just pushed down and didn't Acknowledge and it may have seemed like A bit of a secret or it may have seemed Like something that you didn't want Others to know And now there's a sense that it's going To start coming up and it's not going to Be a bad thing so don't worry about it It there's a feeling that it's now going To start coming to the surface you know Some things we keep our secrets and they Seem like they're such big deals and Then when we come into a place where That emotion isn't there anymore that Was connected to it It feels like it it's just something That's so simple so that's what it feels Like to me like something is coming to The surface that seemed like it was such A big thing and now it seems like such a Small simple thing that can be released When I tune into this as well there is This sense of looking back through time

So it's looking back through time it's Something that has been pushed down Within you but also looking back through Time at where you've come from your Family your DNA the country you came From the culture you came from all kinds Of different things And I feel like it's honoring that Honoring that within yourself So that green vibration is about your Identity so it's honoring where you've Come from honoring your past And it feels like it's reconnecting with It as well so that could be part of the Secret that's been pushed down into your DNA maybe it's not but it's secret it's Just that it's something you hadn't Noticed or known about before So feel your angels are inviting you to Reconnect and as you do this it feels Like you're reconnecting with loved ones In spirit as well I love that you know it's kind of Interesting because as I'm tuning into That I'm seeing Um places like Stonehenge and Avery these are sacred circles and in Britain and there's just a feeling of Maybe going back through time uh it's Not just your family but going having a Sense of being in other countries as Well That are not necessarily linked through DNA but through your previous lifetimes

Kind of interesting I love that okay number two he wants to Come up for you Two is the hierophant this is in the Regular Tara it's the hero of Internorosoma this is yellow on the top And red on the bottom So yellow is a color of the solar plexus Power The boundaries Uh self-esteem confidence Etc there's Also with yellow there is a sense of the Intellect there's learning intelligence Education Etc then the red is rooting You into the ground that red is how far You've come what you've learned what you I need to do next it's like the action That you need to take next that red is Movement it's moving you forward and Again there is connection to family Through that red energy There's a connection to your childhood Too so this red and yellow and aspect of It is about your education and your Learning and you may find that you're Choosing at the moment Which direction to take or maybe there's A class or a course or a workshop that You're being guided to take something That you're being guided to learn So when you look at the here if and Sometimes think of it as tradition so It's traditional things like Being in education marriage as well

Religion these kind of traditional Traditional Environments let's say But I often feel with the hierophant That it it's about structure as well so Structured education or structured life So it may be again in this next week or So that you're choosing something that You want to learn but also choosing more Structure in your life choosing more Stability on your life looking at Where to pay your bills or or where to Live that will help you to feel like You're more stable or supported So one final thing with this I'm Receiving this message of healing as Well that the here event can also Represent that healer that will support You so the medical person or the Alternative therapist that will support You so it feels like this is a message Of support It's about support for you and support For your structure for the structure in Your life and the structure of your body So there's all kinds of little messages That are coming in there That are all connected together and yet There may be separate pieces to it So I hope that makes sense The yellow and red come together as Orange and orange Is A Healer for the Emotions But all of these color colors are

Focused very much on the physical level It's not that they're not spiritual but They can bring in this essence of being On the physical plane so your angels are Just guiding you at this moment to look At your physical life and move in the Direction that will bring you support Security Oh that's felt very practical isn't it Okay Final card I feel like I want to find This one out Interesting how they're all a little bit Different isn't it All right so this in the regular tarot Would be three of ones and or Soma it's Pink it's pink and turquoise you can't See it so much from this card And this is a vibration that is very Much about love And about Bringing in All your gifts all these wonderful Creative things it's the nine Muses so This sense of Dancing and art and creativity and Writing and singing and poetry and all These things that are creative this Sense of creativity So pink the color of Love turquoise Is an opposite vibration of that So when we look here you see there is a Triangle and then there's a triangle and Then there's a triangle and then there's

A triangle There's a little bit of a Okay let's do this now no let's do that Now let's do this now there's a bit of a Sort of pushing and pulling that goes on With these colors I'm just realizing I'm Wearing these colors with the turquoise And pink so pink is that desire to be Loved and that desire to give love the Turquoise is the desire to communicate The desire to be heard And these two can push against each Other so that sometimes the pink can Then be about not receiving the love That you want and the turquoise can be About pushing away the love that you Really need So when I feel into this it feels like Now is the time to play to have fun to Step into joy to open your heart to Laughter and love And not to there's almost a sense of not To be too concerned about what's going On in life unlike the last card there is More of a feeling of lightness with this It's more of a feeling of okay let's Take let's take a hop skip and a jump And let's play so I feel that these Colors these energies this message is About finding love for yourself finding Joy in everything that you do And really allowing yourself to Be there's just that sense of just be So that

You're not thinking about what others Are thinking about you you're not Thinking about being judged You're not focused on Where the next meal is coming from or or The roof over your head that this is About just stepping into Joy Are stepping into light stepping into Love So I feel that this there's an aspect of This That is about taking some time out From everyday life and just being in This place Of joy Of Happiness of love You know when challenges are happening When things are happening in your life That are difficult Then You can't always See the wood for the trees right you Can't ease you can't see your way Through To having a good time being in a place Of fun being in a place of joy but if You can bring that in Just a minute For just one minute Just remember A time when you laughed when there was So much fun allow that to come through Your body and I feel that is the message Here is we need to bring some light and

Bring some fun and bring some joy and Bring some creativity in as well And then there can be an Awakening an Opening to love Waking you up Allowing you to step into Joy For more than a minute every day All right I love that Thank you so much for being here as Always I will see you next week with Another Angel message For now

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