Angel Message 😇 November 18-November 24, 2022 (Personalized Angel Card Reading)

Welcome I'm Elizabeth Harper I'm Thrilled that you've joined me on I'm here with the Sweets Angel masjids so this week we are Using the angel Crystal cards lovely Using these because we get to use Crystals as well so what I'd love for You to do is place your hands over your Heart just like angel wings invite your Angels to guide you to message one two Or three a message that comes from their Heart to yours Okay So I'm going to place these cards next To my heart just inviting that beautiful Energy in From the Angelic crown And shuffle them three times With the intention that you receive the Message The Guidance the support that you need at This moment that you receive everything To support you To heal you to guide you Number one is Ametrine oh I love that so amateurs Amethyst and citrine together so he's Balancing masculine and feminine Energies interesting allow your feminine Side to creatively inspire you and your Masculine insight to give you confidence So if we think about this if we think About the amateur we think about those

Colors so this is violet where I'm a Violet violet and yellow with the Citrine those two colors are opposite Each other on the color wheel so Violet Is that connection to the crown chakra And your spirituality and change and Transformation Etc and then the yellow is the Connection to the solar plexus and your Self-esteem and your confidence and your Boundaries as well So those two energies yellow can be About being seen when you wear yellow Everybody sees you when you wear Violet It's you're a little bit more shrouded In mystery So there is a sense here of allowing Yourself to be seen and also allowing Yourself to take some time out So with those balancing male and female Energies it can be very much about Allowing your soft side to come through And allowing your More active let's say Persona to be a Part of your life at the moment as well So it could be that you've got a lot of Things you need to get done On a practical level And then on another level is to take Some time out for yourself so get things Done meet people visit people go to work Etc you know connect and then take some Time for yourself It feels like that is the most important

Thing to take some time for yourself Because you know especially as Hilo Especially as intuitives and sensitives And empaths and whatnot we have a Tendency to want to give to everybody Else don't we We give our hearts we give the shirt off Our backs chicken soup kind of people Right although for me it's vegan soup so You want to give give give and I feel That part of this message with the Amateuring is about you looking after Yourself it's about giving to you So there's no problem with giving to Others So the Angels aren't saying don't give That's not it It's very much A balancing act Of giving and receiving that's the sense Of it to me See if there's anything else that wants To come through that I keep seeing that Beautiful color of amateuring that Beautiful violet color is protective It's very protective so and I'm seeing Lots of Sparks now as I say that so part Of the message is about You know when you say yes to everything When really you mean no that's not a Protective thing to do you need to Protect yourself so say no to the things That you don't want to do And I know that can be challenging if

You have to say yes to things make it a Choice say I am choosing to say yes to This and then take your power back That's the yellow power Okay A mishmash of things Number two number two is Gold oh my goodness divine intervention I don't even think I've seen this card Before says the Divine sends miracles to Answer sincere prayers Interesting so I feel with that golden Energy You know When I tune into people when I look at Their energy fields at auras and I see This it's like a sprinkling of gold It can often be connected with the Angelic realm can often be connected With that beautiful high frequency Vibration that gold and Sheen that is There it's saying that they are one with The angels that maybe they believe in Angels or follow the Angels or the Angels are communicating with them all They're an angel messenger so when I see That gold and vibration the gold message Here about miracles it just feels like Your energy field your energy your light Your life is being tinged with this Golden vibration and I want to say And take advantage of that It's a Wonderful benefit it's a gift A blessing so call in the Golden Light

Cool and the golden energy call in your Angels So for this week every day light a Candle for your angels maybe a gold Candle And ask them invite them to be with you To communicate with you to share Their Blessings with you to support you I feel That that is the message that they want To come in to be there with you call in That Golden Light So that they can support the Miracles That you desire at this moment All right that's it I love that okay Oh God number three final message You know what there's two cards that Want to come out So the first one is malachite the second One is angel light Interesting so this malachite malachite So beautiful green Got some stripes on it says prosperity There's a positive shift in your flow of Divine support Interesting and the angelite says Spiritual and religious community join With the like-minded people for Friendship An increased spiritual growth So Angelite is a beautiful blue color Because now I'm looking around looking For the angel item I can't see any

Angelite around me this is celestite but It's this kind of color this beautiful Blue right here And then you have Malachi and that's Green So even though the messages are on the Cards when I think of those colors blue And green I'm thinking of the heart the Heart chakra of the throat chakra and Healing the heart thinking of the planet Thinking of all the abundance of the Planet and it feels like those two cards Those two stones those two colors feels Like the message is to recognize the Blessing of your life to realize how Lucky you are to be here and that there Is abundance and prosperity there for You waiting for you The angelite helps you to connect With your angels helps you to connect With like-minded Souls So your angels are saying now is the Time to reach out and be part of a Community of like-minded like-hearted People beings So that you're all on the same Wavelength so you're growing together so That you can move to maybe a higher Vibration and as you move to a higher Vibration so you attract to you even More abundance and that's not the reason For it It's just it's a domino effect blessings Come to you as a consequence so it's

Opening yourself up to connection with Communities that are spiritually minded And it's also realizing that blessings Are there for you so these are working Together So I feel that your angels are saying We're moving you up we're helping you to Move up there's going to be a community That will be there so that you can be Supported And then as you move up to a new Vibration so you attract to you even More blessings even more abundance and Prosperity All right my dear I will send you so Much love angel blessings to you and I'll see you next week Bye for now

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