Angel Message 😇 November 25-December 1, 2022 (Personalized Angel Card Reading)

Welcome I'm Elizabeth Harper I'm Thrilled that you've joined me on I'm here with this Week's angel messages So what I'd love for you to do is place Your hands over your heart just like Angel wings invite your angels in to Guide you to message one two or three a Message that comes from their heart to Yours We're using fairy cards this week I love The energy of the fairies to help us to Connect with the angels so Just going to place these next to my Heart and invite that Angelic realm Energy and I can feel that tingling all Through me it's just great I'll shuffle them With the intention that you receive Exactly what you need at this time from The messages that come through Number one Number one is Hope oh my goodness I was Just doing a healing and sending that Energy of Hope for people to still have That vibration of hope so this says hope Is always there Even if we can't see it Optimistic expectations can help change A negative situation into a positive one Isn't that the truth and look there is a Beautiful Dove that is a bit of a peace And there's a rainbow and the rainbow of Course has that pot of gold at the end

Of the rainbow doesn't it So I love this because it's saying You know not to give up That if something hasn't worked for you If Things are not going in the direction That you want them to Then don't give a pope don't think to Yourself oh it's never gonna happen or It never happens to me or It just may as well stop doing what I'm Doing because it's not gonna work Let that go and focus on that energy of Hope because hope Really keeps you moving forward And that hope lifts your energy up think About that just feel into the energy the Vibration of Hope how does that feel It's got such a light energy to me I Actually see turquoise with it which is Kind of interesting That vibration of Hope communication I'm Seeing lots of sparkles around as I'm Talking about that So turquoise actually comes between the Heart and the throat So that hope is right here The essence of the heart Which is love the essence of speaking About it expressing yourself expressing Hope so it's right here in the middle of The two It's allowing it to come to the surface And saying

I am The energy of Hope I have hope I am hopeful So use those affirmations to support you And know that your angels are there with You and they just want you to lift your Energy up to that Essence of Hope All right Next card number two next message Number two is lost and found so this is What was once lost is about to be found Thanks to the lost and found fairy I Love that sometimes she can help us find Things we never even realized were lost So that's kind of interesting When I well that came out I was thinking Lost and found so it's like losing love And then finding it again Losing your ability to do something And then you find a way Losing Maybe Your hope Just like the first card and then Finding it again So we think lost and found at first that It might be things But there are so much more to it so your Angels are saying something that maybe You'd given up on You're going to find the energy for that Again Maybe there's somebody that you've Forgot about maybe there's somebody that

You haven't connected with in a long Time and your angels are saying that Person is coming back there's a Reconnection There's so much that this message can Bring to you what does it bring to you What does it feel like it means for you What have you lost and what would you Like to find again All right I'll leave you with that Because it just feels like that's the Message is for you to find what that is Number three Final card number three Fish oh my goodness how beautiful so It's the lotus flower fairy okay because Lotus flowers are symbolic of the Chakras the lotus flower fairy tells you To learn from experience and shed your Inner light on any unclear areas of your Life or those of others So when we look at this she's holding a Lotus flower right here She's standing in water And there's lotus flowers all around [Music] And she's Rising above So the lotus flower It rises from the mud Rises up to the Light it opens up to the light so it's Just like us our chakras they help us To raise our consciousness To be more aware of who we are They support us as we awaken

And they also help us when we get stuck With things To recognize that that stuckness is There somewhere in the body somewhere in Our being So that then we can focus inward to Remove those blocks And step out into the light Be free liberated So when I see this vibration of flourish So hook flied over the top of our window Right there so it was just a sense of You know Messengers coming in when I Think of this word flourish it makes me Think of you moving past obstacles you Moving through the mud you opening up And saying well you know what I can do This I can step through this I can open To the light and that's exactly what I'm Going to do So I see this as moving beyond the Obstacles As going through All the challenges and really succeeding And then shining your light so brightly That it's almost as if you'll forget All the difficulties that were there Because You succeed there's success that's there The lotus flower fairy tells you to Learn from experience So it's learning from all those Difficult times and realizing that they Helped you to grow

So it's it's looking back on them With an attitude of gratitude Shared your inner light on any unclear Areas of your life So what is that that is Giving you A sense of not knowing where you're Going So I feel with that particular part of The message That it's about inviting light in so That you have a vision So that you can see clearly so that you Know where you're going you know what Your next step is so if you imagine Again that you're a lotus flower And you're stuck in the mud you're not Going to want to go into the merge You're going to want to go toward the Light And that's where that's where I feel Your angels are directing you at this Moment is focus on the light focus on That energy of the light and move toward It It's not that you're passing into spirit It's that you're moving to a higher Vibration Just remember where you've come from You don't have to take it with you you Can just learn and then move into this Energy of light and flourish I love that Thank you so much for being here as

Always I will see you next week with Another Angel message video Now

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