Angel Message 😇 November 4-November 10, 2022 (Personalized Angel Card Reading)

Welcome I'm Elizabeth Harper I'm Thrilled that you've joined me on I'm here with this Week's angel messages So I'd love for you to do is place your Hands over your heart just like angel Wings invite your angels to guide you to Message one two or three a message that Comes from their heart to yours All right you ready We have this big stack of Angel cards so I'm just going to place them next to my Heart just to invite the energy of the Angels and And you do that too Really invite the Angelic energy into Your heart And I'm going to just move them shuffle Them and focus on an intention that you Receive exactly what you need at this Time And that the message will bring you Healing and love and Guidance of course Okay number one First card is waves of prosperity this Is from the mermaid deck So it says new abundance and exciting Opportunity to wash over you now oh my Goodness so your angels are just saying That something wonderful is coming up Opportunities for Prosperity Opportunities for growth opportunities For abundance

So we think of prosperity abundance Wealth Etc as connected with our Physical Realm money But it may be something completely Different that Prosperity may be feeling Like you are so rich that you are rich With the love from your friends that you Are rich with A beautiful home that you are a rich With an amazing life that is just filled With joy and happiness So I feel that your angels are saying be Open to these waves of prosperity coming In these waves of blessings coming in so There's a sense of allowing yourself to Be open and maybe riding the waves so it May be that you are invited to a Celebration or invited to to go to a Place and you might be a little bit Reticent maybe the angels are saying you Know what just go with the flow of that See what's going to come through from it Because there may be another step from That you go to a celebration and then You meet somebody and they say oh come Over here I've got something wonderful There and you go there and and you meet Somebody else and it's just that sense Of movement and connection and Light And I feel that that is part of the Waves of prosperity that you are opening Up you're opening up new Pathways for Yourself filled with love and abundance Feels good to me

How does it feel for you Okay Number two oops keep dropping the cards On the floor Number two let's see what wants to come Through for you I'm gonna I said that And then there's more cards came down Here so I'm just gonna pick one from These This one so this is Overcoming difficulties So it says Archangel Jeremiah she's from Archangel Jeremiah the worst is now Behind you and you are surmounting any Previous challenges So I love this you see that there is a Bird and a feather and then in the Background it's like a volcano and that Smoke that comes from it it looks like The volcano is no longer active so there Is this senseless feeling of moving up Toward the light that the angels are With you and guiding you and things are Becoming as light as a feather so Overcoming difficulties the worst is now Behind you Whenever I tune into Archangel Jeremiah You know there might be different colors That people get for different Angels but Just now as I'm tuning in to Jeremiah There's a lot of violet Violet is the Color of transformation and change So when Violet comes along It's not always an easy change it's that

You have said you know I want something To shift I want something new I want Something different than what I've got And so the universe has said okay then I'll help you out there And that change comes in and it's almost Like a catapults you forward And you might feel as if your feet don't Hit the ground but when you get to the Other side of it It feels good feels wonderful it feels Or it is Life-changing So when I tune into that and I tune into That energy of violet that is coming Through It just feels like you know there's a Lot of movement and a lot of Shifting And a lot of change And it might feel as if you don't know Where it's going it might feel as if you Know You're being taken along and you're out Of control But then you'll land it's like an ocean It's like I've got this image of an Ocean in the waves again the waves the Waves of an ocean it's like coming on Surfing on the ocean and then you land On the beach and you didn't know where You were going until you landed there And it's like oh here I am this is a Good place to be So I feel with this overcoming

Difficulties Might take a little bit of time but then When you land you'll know it you can Look back and say this is where I came From and this is what I've learned All right Let's talk a little while to get there Didn't it to the message All right I'm feeling like the top card Is a card for number three So number three it's trustworthy Guidance So you see with this there's a person That is writing and then the angel is Right there with them I saw this many years ago when this lady Was Channeling a meditation and I started to Close my eyes for the meditation and Then I immediately my eyes just sprung Open again because there was a being of Light that was there with her that was Whispering in her ear and as the being Of light was whispering in her ears she Was speaking it was just an amazing Experience and I'm feeling that that's What's going on right here So it says you've received a wonderful Idea as an answer to your prayers this Idea is real and trustworthy you can Safely move forward with it knowing that We are with you every step of the way Ask for and be open to receiving our Support for anything that you need

Related to this idea So that's the one thing the idea in Planting seeds and we've already been There haven't we with the planting seeds As well that sense of planting seeds Especially with waves of prosperity as Our first card But this one with trustworthy guidance And it's saying that there's an idea That's coming through I also feel that This is about you sharing your Inspiration your channeled wisdom so Sometimes you might find yourself Speaking to someone saying something and You think that's not what I wanted to Say and that person saying that's Exactly what I needed to hear And that's that channeled guidance that Wisdom that wants to come through you And I feel that that's what the Trustworthy guidance is about as well That is not just about an idea that you Might have That wants to be manifest at this moment That is heaven sent but it's also that You are sharing some wisdom with others And maybe you weren't anticipating it or Expecting it or it's not something that You're thinking about teaching but it's Just something that wants to come Through but trustworthy guidance I love that Thank you so much for being here Sending you blessings for your week

Ahead I will see you next week Angel love and abundance to you bye for Now

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