Numerology Message: Pick #45 or #92 (Angelic Number Guidance)

Pick a number 45 or 92 and go ahead and Pop it in the comments below and come Back here and listen to your beautiful Message here today hi I'm Julie geigle Spiritual life coach and channel for Archangel Metatron who has come here to Share some beautiful messages of wisdom And inspiration with numerology with Numbers so if you picked 45 it's all About betterment are you hoping things Get better now the definition of Betterment is actually the act and Process of improving something so this Is absolutely a sign that your life is About to take a major turn things are Absolutely looking up they are getting Better so it's important for you to do The work that comes along with that Right and taking action Focus focusing On making your life better being open to That divine inspiration and creative Ideas because when you are just stuck in That stinking thinking it blocks The universe it blocks God's ability to Create miracles in your life so the more That you can step into gratitude be Thankful for something every day of Whether it's a person or uh you know Just having a roof over your head Whatever it is gratitude expressing that Um Thankfulness Shows the universe that oh she's Thankful or he's thankful let's bring

Them more things to be thankful for it Really is a simple we try to make it so Complicated But it's super super simple and the Other thing if you're looking to make Your life better make changes in your Life have Um a better experience here on this Planet Helping someone else achieve what you Want Gets the wheels in motion or just Volunteering or donating your time being Of service which brings us into the Energy of the numbers we've got four Which is Um angels angels are with you trying to Help you make changes in your life and Four is also a number of devotion of Being devoted to But the betterment of your life the Betterment of society and we've got that Energy of five we all know five is about Change which sometimes can be painful But it also has the energy of freedom in It there's something wonderful coming Now when we add four plus five We Get Nine and Nine is all about serving That's that energy of devotion that's The energy of wanting more of not being Happy where you're at constantly wanting To do better to be better Um to create better and so 45 is Creating an ideal world through

Creativity and ambition because you Cannot make a change if you're not Active if you're not ambitious All right so in terms of love I love 45 Because it's all about reigniting action And I've got my red on today and I'm Feeling passionate about Um life about romance and so you're Overflowing with love it's beautiful Energy for this week now here's your Affirmation make sure to pop it in the Comments below it asks that extra Special energy I take charge of my life And make improvements where needed I Take charge of my life and make Improvements where needed Absolutely you are showing up for Yourself Start it all right now if you haven't Joined our family be sure to hit that Subscribe button we would love to have You included in our messages uh we post Every other week so twice a month and Um if you hit the Subscribe button and The bell you'll be notified as soon as My forecast goes live all right let's Pop over to our next number we have 92 Which is all about security Is peace of mind a priority for you is Peace of mind a priority so the energy Here you know we've got that nine again Which is a theme for this week Um serving and nine is also about Endings and closing wrapping things up

Because something new is coming so in Terms of 92 This too shall pass so again I'm sensing Some struggle I'm sensing uh challenges And that just a little bit of Hopelessness and helplessness so this Message comes to bring you a message of Hope there's a light at the end of the Tunnel don't throw in that towel yet you Can do this you have the gumption Um to get you through this and you're Safe there's there's nothing to fear That in the end you are safe it's like You're encased in this beautiful bubble Of white light and nothing can penetrate It nothing can interfere with your inner Peace of mind you know there's a lot of Chaos going on in the world and that's Not going to change anytime soon but we Are still able with our belief with the Powers that be when we are aligned and In tuned with the universe with God Whatever that force is for you to create Our own real quality so we can get Sacked into fear and the chaos the drama With the rest of the world or we can Create the bubble the bubble of light That is our right is our power and step Into that bubble of light and Surround Ourselves with the Legion of angels And we can include our loved ones and Family and friends so This two shelf pass everything is Working out for you not against you

Let's take a closer look at our numbers Again we've got nine serving and endings And then we've got two everything's Gonna be okay now we have a special Surprise in 92 when we add 9 plus 2 we Get 11 and 11 is about Spiritual Awakening and growth and this year of 2023 is the year of salmon and that's Also about Spiritual Awakening and Spiritual growth and when Um we add the one plus one we get two Again so we have double the energy of It's going to be okay everything is Going to be okay It is it is okay now when we look in Terms of Love 92 is about being supportive of your Partner and if you're not in a Relationship it is about being Supportive of the relationships around You it is about connecting and Communicating forging new relationships To have new experiences and being Supportive of each other so as I Mentioned before you know there's a Going to be a lot of Chaos in the next Five years kind of more of the same But it's different now because we Personally have a different agenda uh The last three years have brought about Huge mindset shifts for many of us and So we look we're looking at the world Through different lens and so our Experience over the course of the next

Five years will be different but the Focus is Shifting away from being alone Individualism into community and Connecting so what is going to get us Through these next five years is our Relationships is loving each other is Connecting and supporting one another so It's no longer how much money do you Have in your bank account but how many Friends do you have how many people can You call on if you need support Yes And not say that loud enough all right Here's your affirmation throw in the Comments below it wasn't a beautiful Boost of magic my peace of mind is a Priority in my life My peace of mind is a priority in my Life It absolutely is all right everyone if You enjoyed these messages here today You are going to love working with me I Have an incredible coaching program and I know you are going to love it So if you want to learn more about the Services that I offer about the coaching Program we have open you can pop on over To our website at heaven and don't forget to stop By and listen to our free meditation This month over on our blog It's called attracting love of course What else all right everyone make it a Beautiful and blessed day


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