Numerology Message: Pick #48 or #222 (Angelic Number Guidance)

Pick a number 48 or 222 And go ahead and pop it in the comments Below and come back here and listen to Your beautiful message today hi I'm Julie geigle spiritual life coach Psychic medium channel for Metatron and He has come here today to help give you Some insights and wisdom on your Beautiful Journey with numerology Yeah so if you picked 48 it is all about Smart money are you being smart with Your money So this is an indication number 48 that It might be time to scale back it might Be time to regroup it is definitely time To re-evaluate where you're at and where You want to be and just make sure that Your budget is lining up with your goals So you know not much of a budget girl But I've learned a lot about money over Um the past 10 years I started with a Dave Ramsey program and he's amazing if You haven't heard of Dave Ramsey he is I Highly recommend his work and so it just Helps you just to stay on top of Everything and not be Um Financially irresponsible and we're kind Of in that day and age where it is Important to have your ducks in a row Because we just never know what Tomorrow's going to bring right and so It just allows you to have one less Thing that you need to worry about so

Maybe you need to go find a side hustle Or maybe you need to figure out a way to Generate more income to help pay down Debt or to help Get a nest egg going This again it's all about dialing down Taking a look at what you're spending Your money on and Re-evaluating where your money is best Spent Yeah so what are your financial goals And what a step or steps can you do to Move toward those So when we take a look at the energy of 48 we've got four which is the Angels You know you've got a team of angels Around you imploring you to Be smart with your money and then we've Got the energy of eight which you know Is my favorite one it's abundance and Prosperity you cannot go wrong so when We add four plus eight together we get 12 and then we add 1 plus 2 and we get Three creativity and the ascended Masters so I love you just got it all With this number And so finding Creative Solutions to Help you become smarter with your money So 48 really is about being prudent in Financial matters Not being wasteful and so being Resourceful taking action and creating New sources of income all right Abundance is a state of mind I just love

That now in terms of love This card is indicating for you that it Is not about money in your romantic Relationship it is about love so if You're putting money before your Relationship then it's just a huge red Flag that things are going to go so fast And to when you become aware of that To course correct what can I do to make Sure my partner is completely aware that I love them unconditionally it's not About the money and so uh Balance and stability in the romance Department whether you're in a Relationship or single this energy of 48 Brings that balance and stability I love it now here's your Mantra it is Just super simple Don't forget to pop it in the comments Below and that's that extra punch as you Know uh I am smart with my money I want You to say that three times and mean it I am smart with my money I am smart with My money I love that one Super simple Now if you haven't joined our spiritual Family be sure to hit that subscribe Button so that you can join us our Beautiful Community here and stay Connected and you'll be notified if you Hit that Bell as soon as my forecast Goes live as soon as my numerology Messages goes live you'll be the first

One to know all right now let's move Into our next number 222 which is all About you got this You got this is your strength being Tested right now So I love the energy of 222 I always see It when I'm struggling when I'm having a Hard time when I'm ready to give up or Throw the towel in 222 will appear on a License plate or on the clock repeatedly All day long and it it is just like the Angels you know showing up and saying It's gonna be all right I know it's Rough right now it's not going to stay This way forever you are going to Survive and thrive so it's all about Turning out Um And you know opening up to all of the Possibilities in your life and not Getting caught in the drama the drama of The story that's trying to make you Believe that your life is awful or Things will never change or you don't Deserve any better so Again in both of the energy of the cards This day it's about mindset mindset is Everything so If you believe you're going to fail You'll fail if you believe you're going To win you'll win it's whatever you Believe that's you're creating 24 7 your Reality based upon what you are Believing about your reality so stay

Positive stay the path And persevere don't give up You got this you totally got this now The energy of the two is super simple Right because we just have twos Um and two means that everything's going To be okay and then we add another two So we have that energy doubled and that Means it's all about cooperation and Then we throw in another two which is Tripled that beautiful explosion of Energy and when we add two plus two plus Two We get six and six is harmony It's Harmony and peace and stability so Even though you may feel like The Rock's Been pulled out from underneath your Feet The energy of 222 is really Wanting you to know that More stable And feeling more grounded is coming it Is coming more stability is coming in Your life now when we take a look at Love in terms of romance you are being Called to be supportive in the Relationship To this no judging you don't get to Judge you don't get to criticize you Don't get to put down This is about holding the space for your Partner they're going through something And they don't necessarily need you to Be the therapist

Um but simply just being the soft place To fall Yeah So Be a friend first and this is worth Fighting for Don't give up so if you're having Difficulties in your relationship right Now do not give up At this relationship is worth fighting For and there's something coming around The corner that kind of opens up creates A more expansion in your relationship And allows you both to go deeper now if You're single it again it's the same Energy of don't give up if you believe That there is the Perfect Mate for you The perfect life partner it will happen It's the law The Law of Attraction uh What you think about you bring about and Uh so again that mindset and believing That it can happen for you that you Deserve that now if you're finding Blacks if you're finding you have some Blocks in that area stick around we'll Be doing a healing to clear out blocks For you and if you need more support be Sure to reach out I definitely work with Clients in that area one of my areas of Expertise is relationships so here is Your affirmation again we have another Super simple one I am strong and Unshakable say that three times with me I am strong and unshakable I am strong

And unshakable You are I know you are So go ahead and pop that in the comments Below and Um you know leave me a comment did you Resonate with this message today did you Love it now if you loved our messages Today you are going to love working with Me we have an amazing spiritual Mentorship program and it really helps You create your best life not only to Step into the highest version of Yourself but creating your best life so If you want more information about that You can pop over to our website and while you're over There we have our free meditation to Listen to this month it's called Manifesting love and it's short I think It's only 10 minutes but it's super Powerful and I know you're gonna love it So again you can find that over at Heavenscent for Blog all right everyone until next time Have a beautiful and blessed day I love you all Okay

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