Numerology Message: Pick #49 or #76 (Angelic Number Guidance)

Pick a number 49 or 76 and go ahead and Pop it in the comments below and come Back here and listen to your beautiful Numerology message hi I'm Julie geigel Spiritual life coach psychic medium and Trans channel for Archangel Metatron who Is the master of numerology he's here to Share Divine wisdom and inspiration to Help you get through the week all right Now if you picked 49 it is all about Wrapping it up Wrap it up It's ready you're ready you are Absolutely ready so tie up the Loose Ends finish anything that's been left Undone uh this is a beautiful energy for The beginning of the year because you Are really making room for Something exciting to come in so it's That decluttering energy you know when You just have so much stuff in your Space you can't fit one more thing and Then you clean the house and suddenly Um you feel like a new person So if there is anything anything that is Um dragging you down because it's Unfinished business 49 is a sign that it is time to just Either Pass it on to somebody else or let go of It It's just not going to happen or finish It Finish it absolutely and get ready get

Ready for what's next because this is Actually holding you back it's actually Preventing uh something exciting Something new from coming into your life Uh so you know a lot of times the people Knew that they wouldn't hang on to stuff Or left things uh left things undone as Long as they do so this is an Opportunity to focus on goals where do You want to be where you are where You're at and where you want to be and Then take action to move you in that Direction and it's also about asking for Help whether that's here fit in the Physical Realm or spiritually speaking You don't have to do this alone by any Means and sometimes asking for people Asking someone to help you again whether It's physical or spiritual it really Kind of gives you that kick in the butt That you need to get that ball rolling So be the light then there's a new order Rising within your uh realm of reality And uh it's bringing a beautiful full Security and progress in your life all Right so when we take a look at the Numbers we've got four which is the Angels are with you it's also a number Of trust trusting trusting yourself and Then we have the energy of Nine and Nine Is all about closing so it's perfect Wrap it up and nine is also about being Of service you know there's again that Higher order is arising they're

Um you're being asked to rise up there's More there's more here for you than what Meets the eye And um okay so now uh when we add four Post nine together we get 13. and Um special surprise in the next number You might be able to figure that out but 13 and then one plus three equals four So we have a second four in this uh Number 49 so we have the four from the 49 and then when you add all the numbers Together we get four again I love that Um so double the Angels you have a Plethora one of my favorite words a Plethora of angels around you ensuring That you will get this wrapped up All right now in terms of love this is The more rational logical side so you Are very concrete you see things as they Are you do not have your head in the Clouds and so this energy really grounds You it really brings calm and a Steadiness into your romantic life so Whether that's Um whether you're in a relationship or You are single again it's just bringing Uh some grounded energy And if you are single there's no rush Again that just that feeling of calm That feeling of Peace everything's Moving along as it should Absolutely all right here's your Affirmation I do what needs to be done And focused

On the bigger picture I do what needs to Be done and focus on the bigger picture Ooh you gotta love that one all right So make sure you pop that in the Comments below and get that energy Rolling for all of us here all right if You are new here we would love to invite You to join our family just hit that Subscribe the Subscribe button and if You hit the Bell you'll be notified when My forecast goes live Excellent excellent all right so let's Pop on over to 76 and if you pick 76 It's all about being resilient Absolutely are you ready to fight for Better I love I love this statement I love the Power Um that that statement holds because it Means that you are done biting biting Your tongue and biting your time but You're also done with being walked all Over That's a thing of the past so you are Absolutely fighting for better Personally uh when it comes to how you Treat yourself how you feel about Yourself Um but also in your relationships and Your career you are incredibly resilient You stand up for yourself you Speak with confidence and Um Assertiveness not arrogance

But you speak your truth lovingly and Firmly with those around you now the Definition of resilience is being able To withstand or recover quickly from a Setback So again you know that whether somebody Has uh you know stepped on your toes or Is pushing your buttons or Um you know taking advantage of you it Is about being resilient and being able To fight for the relationship that you Deserve for the environment At work that is healthy and productive Now you are a fighter you are a fighter You've got a very strong will and the Energy here is about you know maybe you Fell off the horse getting back up Getting back up so you kind of soothe Yourself with you know whatever and then Get back out there as brene brown would Say get in the arena you are not uh in The audience a sideliner you are Engaging and active so get back in there And fight for better because you deserve The best life has to offer and sometimes You just have to love people from a Distance and that's okay that's not a Bad thing Um But the most important thing is to be Able to love yourself All right now when we take a look at our Numbers we've got seven which means You're on the right path you are doing

The right thing you're taking the right Action you're pursuing what's going to Be for the highest good of all and then We have the energy of six which is about Uh Harmony And Truth And within seven we also have Spiritual Awakening and we're in a seven year so I Love how the seven comes up for us here Now because you're Awakening to a deeper Truth of who you are and Um what exactly is happening around you Now when we add seven plus six together We get 13 just like we did in 49 isn't That amazing I have been doing these Readings for Over four years and that has never Happened before where both of the Numbers added up to the same final digit Uh so yeah we've got 13 and three plus One again equals four so We've got the energy of the angels in This number two a plethora of angels Surround you and uplift and inspire you So be bold be brave and stay in your Power because you are stronger than you Think you are resili resilient beyond Measure resilient beyond measure all Right now in terms of love this is all About growth and progress And healing So uh the most important thing with uh Romance here is to fight for better So with this I just get that sense that

You're weary and you're a little bit Haggard there's just been a lot going on And in the past it's just been easy to Either not address it shove it under the Rug or ignore it you know minimize it That I was I'm the queen of minimizing And uh just you know now this energy is Coming in for you that now you can deal With this and again it is about fighting For better fighting for better in your Marriage in your relationship because we Do treat teach people how to treat us And it often Slams us up in you know the face or Slams up slams us up against the wall And we're like How the heck did I create this But the good news is that you can Recreate it absolutely recreate it Um Okay so Here's your affirmation go ahead and pop It in the comments below I am resilient And bounce back easily I am resilient And bounce back easily Ah just take a deep breath into that I Could feel your energy shift already All right well Um before we wrap it up Let's go ahead and do our healing now I Work as a spiritual life coach and I Want to teach you an amazing technique Today to help shift energy because when We have blocks to wrapping things up Hanging on too long or blocks to

Fighting For Better or Um getting back up on the horse it's Simply stuck energy so I'm going to Teach you a very quick very easy tool to Help you shift that stock energy so First I want you to just take a moment To identify and you might need to pause The video if you need more time but for Time's sake I'm going to move through This really quickly if I were working With you one-on-one we'd go a lot slower So the fast forward version Focus on Um the last uh feeling that you had Either in terms of not being able to let Something go or in terms of falling off That horse and not not wanting to get Back up or not being able to get back up And once you have that that last Experience then I want you to uh on a Scale of one to ten where are you at 10 being bad one being not so bad So now remember what I said this is just When we have a blockage it's trapped Energy it's stuck energy so the the Technique we're going to use today is Called Shake it off right so I want you Literally to shake it off shake your Whole body Get it out wiggle wiggle wiggle ah you Might need to get up and dance around The room that's a great way to shift That energy And take a nice deep breath

And Let It Go Now I want you to ask yourself how do I Want to feel how do I want to feel Um maybe you want to feel motivated to Dive in there and get it done wrap up The Loose Loose Ends or you want to have The courage to ask somebody else to take That over or to tell somebody else You're not going to finish it you're Just gonna be done Or when it comes to being resilient Having the courage to get back up on the Horse what does courage feel like in Your body so I want you to really embody The emotion that you desire to have Instead And really feel that in your body feel Where it is in your body feel the Freedom the lightness the power that it Gives you to be in charge in control of Your life I love it I love it now I want You to go back to that Um that block or that feeling of Stuckness and how do you feel now about That issue now that you're in your power And then rate that on a scale of one to Ten All right so you typically have should See a shift I've had people go from drop From 10 all the way down to one But sometimes it might be a 10 and then The next time you do it it's a nine and Then the next time you do it it drops Down to a seven so the idea is to as

This pops up into your mind to do to go Back shake it off and then go back into How you want to feel and then go back to That block and where are you at now how Do you feel now what's happening in your Body now All right well I hope this has helped You shift some blocks today and give you A new resource a new Tool uh to help Bring more ease and Grace into your life And if you loved the messages if you Love this technique here today you're Going to love working with me you can Find more information over on our Website at heaven And don't forget to stop by and listen To our free meditation on our blog it's Becoming the light and you can find that On our blog at heavenset Forward slash blog all right everyone Make it a beautiful and blessed day Foreign

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