Numerology Message: Pick #54 or #63 (Angelic Number Guidance)

Pick a number 54 or 63 and go ahead and Drop it in the comments below come back Here to listen to your beautiful message Today hi I'm Julie geigel spiritual life Coach psychic medium healer I do a Little bit of everything so excited to Have you here today so if you picked 54 It's all about regrets are you thinking About making a change but fear is Holding you back because you are afraid You are going to regret it well 54 is a Sign That you're not going to regret it that This is going to be fabulous Take a deep breath and dive in your Success is assured you are supported by Your team the angels will bring you the People that you need to continue to Support you and those doors and Opportunities will open up once you make That decision that you're ready for a Change that you're Feeling that fear but you're going to do It anyway now It's important when you're in the spot To ask for help right because we've got Free will here so our spiritual team our Guidance God whoever that is for you Cannot intervene unless you ask so if You're asking if you're communicating if You're connecting with your team they Will guide you they will open up that Flow so that you will have a beautiful Experience as you step into this change

Now when we take a look at our numbers We've got five which is change And then we have four which means the Ascended or not ascended but the Angels The angels are with you four is that a Code for Angels So they are with you wanting to help you Be successful with this transition and Wanting you to step into your light to Shine brighter now when we have five Plus four Together We Get Nine and Nine Is about closings so again this is an Indication that it's time to wrap up Wrap it up and move on and nine is also About serving so it is again stepping Into your power stepping into the light Shining brighter going bigger being Bolder with the choices in your life so As you make of these new choices You will thrive Because I when I look at the energy Around you it's just really stagnant and Stuck and I get that feeling that you've Been doing the same thing for a long Time and the there's a beautiful Infusion of a light that comes through When we make a change so yeah it's scary It's Um out of your comfort zone and it can Be a transition right there's a little Bit of working the bugs out and you know Really getting into the flow of the new Energy but The key is the new energy

You're bringing in New Life you're Bringing in a breath of fresh air and Um you know it is absolutely time to Make positive changes in your life So It's important while you Put all of this into place to be Purposeful you know nobody's nobody's Telling you to quit your job with no Plan Uh or uh you know just stop doing Something and you don't have the next Step in front of you So be purposeful have that end game Really think through all of the Possibilities and move toward the one That resonates the most with you Yeah and never never make a decision out Of fear or pressure if somebody's Pressuring if you feel Pushed or forced into doing something You won't always come from a place of Love because How you are feeling in the moment that You make that decision or take that First step That's like the framework of what that Experience is going to bring to you so When I left my career as a teacher my Husband was in that fear mode and I just Had a certainty that oh Yeah it was very scary but there was a Calmness a peace that you know what I'll Figure this out just like I figured

Everything else out in my life and I'll Be okay And I was So yes yes yes now when we look at love With number 54 it is an indication that There is change coming in your Relationship So even if you're single there's Something that's changing I I get the Sense that it's upside down that um the CH this change that's coming feels like It's throwing everything upside down But remember it is positive change and a Lot of times when things happen in our Life it doesn't look great when it Happens but in the end we're like oh my Gosh that's the best thing that ever Happened to me so just trust that Everything is unfolding perfectly and Don't get hung up or stuck Stagnant in fear And then our beautiful affirmation all Things are happening for me not to me That's one of my all-time favorite ones Make sure you pop it in the comments Below to add that extra power all things Are happening for me not To me yeah that was good all right now If you are not a member of our family We'd love to have you uh join us you can Simply hit that subscribe button and You'll be notified notified as soon as Our messages go live our video goes live And we do have a free meditation over on

Our website at heavenscent Forward slash blog and uh this month we Are featuring dealing with a difficult Family member So if you're having difficulty with Somebody in your life uh this might be a Good meditation to pop on over there and Listen to and please know we do change Out our meditations every month so They're only available to listen to for 30 days Okay now if you picked 63 it is all About Focus What is distracting you Are you that squirrel that's running After every shiny object that comes Before you uh I get that sense of spirit Taking your face and being like stop Just focus on one thing you have too Much going on uh too many cooks in the Kitchen it's actually Distracting you and you could be more Productive if you focused on one thing At a time So I get this I'm a multitasker heaven Forbid I just slow down and do one thing But that's really what I'm working on For this Um next year this next 12 months I'm Like I am going to be present if it Kills me So There's a beautiful shift happening in Your life out of the material world into

The spiritual world so This is such a fun number right 63 it Means you're stepping out of that third Dimension where it's individualism and Competition and more more more And you're shifting you feel the shift There's you know there's this shift in The universe that's happened and a lot Of people feel it and they're like I Don't know what's going on but I can Feel it Um well it goes back into you know that The great conjunction that happened Where we moved out of the age of Pisces Into the age of Aquarius last year 2021 And uh Pisces is all about competition And the male energy and Aquarius is divine feminine cooperation So that's the shift you can feel it and There's a shift that's happening within Your being who you are how you show up In the world and that's this wanting you To focus on what's really important in Your life now when we take a look at the Numbers we've got six which is harmony Imbalance and then we have three which Is ascended masters so in the last Number we have four angels are with you And in this number we have the ascended Masters so for me that's always an Indication that metatron's here because Matatron is my guy He's my guide and So then when we have

Um So we've got uh 63 so six is balance and Harmony and then three is creativity and The ascended masters then when you roll All of that together you get nine which Is ah Closings right wrapping things up so we Have that energy in this number two and Uh the nine is serving it's serving Higher service you have come here on a Mission and you are getting ready to Step into that or they are you're Stepping fully into that power Um so so much fun now we had 36 last Month and now this month we've got 63 so I love how this energy has kind of Flowed into the next month So You are Choosing things from your heart and not Your head and that's a really good Analogy for this shift Because In the age of the Pisces it was all About logical rational Of what was before you Now that we're in the age of Aquarius it Is about your heart it is about making Decisions based upon your heart how does It feel Don't think too much about it Feel your way into it and when you make Decisions based upon your heart what you Love your passion you can never go wrong

Never go wrong so One of the hardest things when you're in This energy when you know the shift is Occurring is letting go of what you once Were you know operating in the world in That male energy competition and Sometimes a lot of fear will creep up Around your material needs so 63 is an Indication that your material needs are Being men met as the shift occurs within Your being So let go of any worry any fear that There's not going to be enough or that This shift is going to bring in poverty Because it's the opposite when you Embrace this new energy it is going to Create more abundance more joy more love Into your life Yeah that's a lot All right now in terms of love it is About communicating in your relationship So whether you're single or married Communication is key Really embracing Expressing your feelings not mincing Words not uh you know zipping your lip Not telling the other person what you Think they want to hear minimizing Yourself so that they can feel better It's it is just um Wiping away all of those false beliefs And ideas about showing up in a Relationship so the energy for you right Now that's best serving romance is being

Honest Communicating telling your partner what You need Being honest with yourself so if you're Single and looking for love it is you Know the way that you treat yourself is What you're going to attract into your Life so if you're constantly undermining Yourself Sabotaging yourself then you're Attracting a person that's going to do The same thing so when you're looking For romance It's always important to Begin with yourself You Absolutely so nurture yourself nurture The relationships around you but Especially nurture Romance in your life Okay here's your affirmation go ahead And pop it in the comments below and Enjoy that extra punch all of my needs Are met now All of my needs are met now as I focus On what's important All of my needs are met now as I focus On what's important So powerful can you feel that it's like Boom All right now Um let's go ahead and move into our Reiki healing to clear out any blocks to Regrets Any blocks to focusing so we're going to

Start with 54 Right and we're going to First Call in That beautiful healing energy so take a Nice deep breath with me And we're invoking Archangel Metatron Dr Yusui SRI Ama bhagwan Asking for a beautiful clearing Fanny blocks All right so let's focus on 54 first Regrets We're just asking for Divine Healing Clearing out any regrets that you have In your life about anything Regrets with your parents Your family What a Shoulda Coulda Regrets with your career Maybe some think you said or something You did Any regret you might have in your life We're just asking That beautiful sacred energy The Reiki healing Whatever energy you work with God mother Mary Clear that to heal that Come into your heart now and heal that Take a nice deep breath feel that Release So I could feel that it was good Excellent all right let's move into Number 63 Focus Any plaques that you're having to Focusing

And what's important in your life Maybe that setting boundaries around Your time Maybe that's Uh Just being more focused in your day Not being more productive Maybe stepping away from social media That is literally an addiction And just imagine cleansing and clearing Out any blocks To being able to pay attention To one thing at a time To being present in your life And now we're going to invite the Divine To create awareness Around where you need help focusing Because you can't make any changes in Your life if you're not aware Of what needs to be changed So just bringing more attention To those areas in your life That you could change or do differently To create more Focus To me to be more present in your Relationships To function in more of a state of Gratitude People and just again bringing awareness To when you are feeling overwhelmed or You're feeling Scattered And now just imagine a beautiful beam of White light touching the top of your

Head And just filling Your entire being With love And gratitude You are amazing And you deserve A beautiful life Take a nice deep breath Ah feel that release Excellent All right shake your hands clap Beautiful beautiful Now if you enjoyed these messages here Today you are going to love working with Me I have one opening in our VIP program You can learn more over at heavenscent forward slash VIP this Program will help you communicate we'll Help you talk to your spiritual team Will help you stay in your power no Matter what's going on around you but Most importantly it will help you take Action to create the life you deserve Because you deserve great things All right everyone thanks so much for Stopping by have a beautiful and blessed Day

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