Numerology Message: Pick #87 or #555 (Angelic Number Guidance)

Pick a number 87 or 555 and go ahead and Drop it in the comments below and then Come back here and listen to your Beautiful numerology message today hi I'm Julie Geico International psychic Medium spiritual life coach and divine Channel of Archangel Metatron who is Here today to share amazing messages to Help bring more ease into your life so Let's dive in there if you picked 87 It's all about coincidence is the Uncertainty of Life getting you down Is the uncertainty of life getting the Best of you Yeah so this is all about having faith And trusting that God has a plan there's A bigger and brighter Future for you there's a bigger and Brighter purpose for why you're Experiencing what you're experiencing And so It's also kind of a wake-up call that There are no accidents and uh the Serendipity that's happening in your Life the synchronicity is divine they Are messages from the Divine trying to Help guide you and steer you on this Crazy Journey that we call Um you know being human So the perfect people are coming at the Perfect time to give you the perfect Opportunity or perfect experience you Know that's one of my favorite mantras That creates Miracles helps me stay in

Alignment For what I desire is using uh the word Perfect three times in the sentence so For example you're looking for a new job Um you just keep saying you know for me It's God it might be divine Universe for You but bring me the perfect opportunity At the perfect time for the perfect Salary that would be a perfect fit now I Threw four in there but you only need to Have three and then you just keep Repeating that envisioning it imagining It and it's crazy how it manifests So remember that remember that now this Also is the energy that it defies all Logic so it is not about being in your Head figuring it out Your job isn't to make it happen your Job isn't even to know how it's going to Happen because a lot of times that's What keeps us stuck that is what creates The block Just being able to surrender and let it Go and trust that it's all unfolding and Then watching for those coincidences Paying attention to Um you know running into somebody at the Grocery store or Um feeling inspired to call somebody or Send an email Or do something So yeah a lot of times that we ignore or Deny I argue a lot Um but if we just follow our intuition

And trust that it is leading us toward What we're Desiring you know it's just a Piece in that puzzle of manifesting most Definitely all right now let's take a Look at the numbers we have eight which Is money money money money you know how Much I love eight abundance Prosperity Uh what Uh what you want is wanting you what You're seeking is seeking you Um I love that energy of a prosperity And more Hour then we've got seven you can't go Wrong with this number combination Because seven means you're on the right Path uh so yes you're being guided the Desire that's been placed in your heart Is leading you is going to provide you Um that fulfillment that sense of Completion and then when we add those Two numbers together we get 15 and when We Um Bring that down even further we get the Number six which is Harmony and balance And you know it's just tying everything Up with a beautiful red bow a beautiful Gift all right uh 87 trust in divine Order pay attention to the Synchronicities and coincidences that Are occurring in your life they are Messages They're trying to help you uh all right Now in terms of Love uh the energy here

Is to let love guide you remember when I Said it defies 87 defies all logic Because when you start going into your Head and start trying to figure Everything out or trying to see or know How it's all going to work then it tends To block you you tend to get stuck it Brings that vibration down so this is The same energy in love it is all about Allowing your heart to guide you opening Up your heart and when you do Love in Your Heart creates miracles in your life I love that one okay now that's not our Affirmation but here is your affirmation For the number 87 I have faith that Synchronicity will lead me where I need To go I have faith that synchronicity will Lead me to where I need to go That one's so beautiful okay pop it in The comments below Show me some love show me your care show Me it's working in your life and uh then Uh come back and listen to the next Message if you feel led to because this Is a fun one 555 is all about Transformation holy smokes is it time For a facelift Oh my gosh yes yes yes yes yes is it Time for a facelift When if you're seeing 555 everywhere and This was the number I kept seeing that Year before I left teaching I mean it Was just crazy how you know I'd wake up

In the morning or in the middle of the Night or at dinner time or you know Twice a day on license plate numbers the Grocery store it was like oh my gosh Just do it already Um yes this means there's a Monumental Change coming in your life Monumental so Don't fight it just go with it because It's good it's positive it's going to Bring all kinds of blessings into your Life and so uh there this is 555 is a Call to action so if you are wavering if You are Um waffling Um trying to decide should I do this or Should I do that you know this is Definitely a sign to take action Stop playing small Oftentimes the 555 you know in terms of Transformation is about shining brighter So A beautiful question to ask yourself When you're trying to make that a Decision is will this bring me closer to My goal or will this bring me further From my goal Sometimes that just Makes it super simple right and clears Everything off the table and you can see Immediately what to do So the energy here also has that balance Staying in Balance not being too hasty Not being too impulsive and also not Letting other people Usher you or push You into anything it is kind of going

Along at your own speed Your own speed I mean the angels are Really screaming this I just get the Sense that somebody is pressuring you to Do something you're not comfortable with And the angels are like at your own Speed and it's okay to say no Or just to hit pause you know to just Tell that person you know what I'm not Sure I might be I might not be but right Now I don't know I'm not sure and so We're just going to hit pause on that Right now and I'll get back to you So trust the process and embrace the Opportunities that are coming for you It is uh such a beautiful thing when You're able to listen to your intuition Because it just doors magically open up Uh the way is shown where there was no Way before and there's just that ease Starts to flow into your life It is definitely time if you are seeing 555 or this was the number you were Drawn to time to level up No doubt it is time to level up Whether it's Bromance whether it's Career whether it's relationships it is Absolutely time to level up so when we Take a look at our number five five is All about change I cannot say that Enough change change change and A positive change so this change is Bringing Freedom into your life it's Bringing expansion it's bringing

Possibilities and hope so this isn't a Contracted energy this is a very Um loose a very free flowing expansive Energy now When we add five plus five plus five we Get 15. and that's the same number we had in Our last number with 87 oh my gosh you Gotta love this stuff I truly couldn't Make this up and a um 15 uh when we add One plus five we get six which I can is Infused with Harmony and balance so both Of our numbers uh this time are infused With that beautiful energy of six you Cannot get it wrong Now in terms of of this number is all About Um it's time to fully invest in this Relationship or fully invest in finding Love maybe in the past you kind of had One foot in you know filling your life Up in other means maybe with a job or a Career or family but this energy is Really wanting you to invest fully Commit yourself fully a hundred percent In love in your relationship so whether You're single or With a partner it is a full investment Of full commitment And Um Your love life is taking a positive turn So there is a positive change that's Coming into your love life and for uh

Some of you out there I'm actually Seeing a baby so the positive change is That there's a new baby that's coming For other people that I mean something Else maybe you're taking a trip or maybe There's a surprise engagement Uh but it's positive and it's changed it Involves change Um I'm also seeing a move for somebody And the the instant knee-jerk reaction Is absolutely not but I do see that this This move in your relationship Um moving to a different location is Really going to be fantastic much more Exciting than where you're at okay [Laughter] Uh so your beautiful affirmation here Today uh be sure to pop it in the Comments below it adds an extra punch I Am in charge of my transformation Ooh don't you love the power I am in Charge Of mine transformation I love that one I love that one I just Feel standing in your power and being Like yes All right Um so if you love these messages here Today you're gonna love working with me I help people gain confidence in their Intuition and take action to create a Better life you can find out more over On our website at heavenset healing dot U s

And our uh beautiful meditation this Month is uh called higher Consciousness So talk about real transformation there Oh my goodness and you can listen to That on our blog over at Heaven Sent forward slash blog all right Everyone make it a beautiful and blessed Day

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