Uncovering 4 SURPRISING Messages from Your SPIRIT GUIDES * 123 Angel Number

Uncovering 4 Surprising Messages from 
Your Spirit Guides – Angel Number 123  What does it mean if you are coming across 
the number 123 everywhere? Is it good,   Is it foreboding or is it something different 
altogether? In this video, we will talk about   What messages coming from angel number 123 mean.
So, what happens if you are seeing the number   123 routinely? The angel number 123 usually 
means that you are about to start something   Truly marvelous in your life. Your life has 
a renewed purpose and a sense of direction.   This could be the start of something new and 
invigorating, a new birth and a call to action   From the universe itself. But this wake up call 
can be quite a bit overwhelming too since with   Growth, progress and advancement in your life, you 
are also likely to experience a lot of hurdles.   To understand this further, let’s first 
unpack the meaning of angel 123 step by step.  But before we continue forward, I to 
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Seeing the angel 123 means you have   Begun an auspicious journey! The number 123 is 
a very blessed number. It indicates that your   Life has taken a turn for the positive and 
that you are set on a path through which you   Can conquer over the most impossible odds! This 
number is an indication that your inner calling   Has now become your life journey. This may sound 
counterintuitive because it is commonly thought   That one accomplishes what their heart is set on. 
This could not be further than the truth since   Individuals normally face a lot of resistance in 
taking a stride in the direction of their passion.   Normally, they just give up and then settle 
into a more conventional form of living,   Which may be comfortable but is far from the 
ideals that they cherished once. This person is   Not who you will become. In fact, the opposite 
has happened: your purpose and your goal has   Taken charge of your life. And fret not! Your 
guardian angel is with you on this journey.   Even though the tides may seem a bit challenging, 
rest assured the destination will have abundance,   Success, happiness and fulfillment for you. 
Particularly, the angel number 123 wants you   To know that your lifelong mission is being 
supported by all the angelic forces in your   Realm. And again, let me make this clear: not 
every individual is blessed with the whole   Hearted support of all the angelic realm.
Another important message which your spirit   Guide is trying to convey you is that you 
have to unleash your innermost desires.   This means that the angelic realm is fully 
cognizant of your deepest desires and urges,   And the fact that you have always suppressed it. 
One reason for suppressing those desires can be   That you have always underestimated yourself. You 
have for the majority of your past life dismissed   The thought of pursuing this fantasy because 
this was not something you could have done.   But the spirit guide number 123 is trying to 
encourage you to abandon all those fears and   Misconceptions. It is trying to remove 
all the doubts you have for yourself.  

You are being woken up to a higher calling – a 
higher purpose. Your soul mission is now calling   You to serve it and to do everything 
in your power to make it your reality.  The Spirit Guide 123 is also trying to 
tell you that you have a lot of creative   Energy flowing within you. First off, while 
every individual has some creative energy,   Not everyone is blessed with the creative genius 
that you have. This means that your imagination   Is so powerful and surreal that it can be used 
as a tool to create and re-create your lived   Experience. Your spirit guide seems to be telling 
you that this is high time that you discover   Yourself and unleash your creative potential. The 
number 123 actually denotes an upward momentum,   A continuous progression of energy which helps you 
in unlocking your true potential. The incremental   Series of numbers show that you are in fact, 
on the verge of unlocking your true potential   Since you have embarked on a path which is 
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for Angel Number 123 to find this video  The Angelic Realm is also trying to tell 
you that you have started a new beginning.   This is the blessed new morning you have 
wanted. This is the reset you have been   Waiting for. The loving energy of the number 123 
is the universe’s way of making you see that the   Time you have waited for all along has finally 
arrived: opportunities, relationships, dreams and   Resources will manifest in your life. It is up to 
you to make the most of these since these are the   Tools that you have to work with, to accomplish 
the reality you were always meant to achieve.   The beauty of all this is that all of these things 
will be achieved in a very easy manner. Things   Will flow into your life and whereas others 
spend a lifetime making these things happen,   All these things will fall into place for you. 
You are a manifestor- this means that hurdles   Unravel themselves for you. In case you were 
wondering, this energy usually reaches its peaks   During new moons. Just focus on what you want 
to manifest in this world, and you will have it!  Your wildest dreams are on the other side of the 
fears and doubts that you have. All the ‘what ifs’   You have, are the hurdles holding you back. Your 
spirit guide is trying to tell you that in front   Of your creative potential, you are the only 
person standing. So, embrace yourself for who   You are, because your life has just taken 
the best possible turn you could imagine.

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