What is a Heart’s Desire Number? Quick tips!

Clowns Are No Laughing Matter These Days

Has the curtain come down on the benevolent, balloon-bending clown of yesteryear? This article delves beneath the grease paint and harlequin suit to take a look at the scary clown phenomenon.

The Mind of an Artist

Art Student, Chiamaka Okenwa, answers the question, ‘What runs through the mind of an artist before the birth of a true masterpiece?’ This is a question that plagues everyone, especially in today’s chaotic world where your identity is easily lost.

I Might Have Known Him

I schedule my sessions so I can take a break to walk through the neighbourhood. What a wonderful way to clear my head. As I meander down tree-lined streets, I occasionally glance at a house, as if there’s some connection between me and someone living there. And for a moment, I stop and wonder…

Museums and the Marathon Man

In the first of a series of articles, Professor Whitfield focuses on the tremendous value and role of small American museums – educational gems that outnumber all Starbucks and McDonald’s combined in the USA. He explores visiting museums while discussing a journey to regain his health.

Eight Common Characteristics Famous Celebrities Have

Celebrities come and go. They can either stay for a couple of years, but some fail to carve a niche in the entertainment industry and remain a starlet. Some are successful and become iconic in the music scene, television and movies.

Wax Prints – An Integral Part of African Society

Africa is known for many things; its natural resources, human resources, beautiful weather and many others. One of these many Africa is known for is its wax prints. As you may already know we are people who love color and design and our wax prints are not left out.

Effects of Typography on User Experience

Typography is essential and central to any designer’s skill. It’s much more of an art and a lot of technique goes into it rather than just making words readable. Typography is one of those things that if you do not know how to do, no matter how could your designing or software skills may be, your illustration will always look incomplete or quite unsettling. When deciding on what to work with, it’s important to consider the layout, design theme, color scheme and other such factors that make a huge difference but a good and the best design. Typography has been around for a long time, so it’s best that if you want to last a long time in the design industry, you start familiarizing yourself with it. It does take a good while to master the discipline.

The Good News at the Right Time

When you have a Damascus experience like Paul, it changes your life radically. Before, Paul killed Christians; now he supports the other side 100%.

The Doors: Never Duplicated

This article sums up how the music of The Doors captured the attention of many audiences both when they emerged in the 1960’s and other generations. Their sound is unique and has never been duplicated.

The Place of History in the New Time

History, they say, is the propaganda of the victor. And rightly so, if what obtains now will be used as a yardstick for historical analysis. For History as it is written today is a product of either a single story or an emergence of a winner in the contest among multiple stories.

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