What is a Karmic Debt? Quick Tips!

Coloring Books for For Adults

Do you like to color? It is no longer an activity restricted for children. Adults are enjoying coloring for therapy, hobby, or learning techniques to better their coloring or painting. The books and papers for coloring help you to understand the value of color, how to make other colored tints, and blending colors for various highlights, contrasts, and shading.

4 Useful Tips for Cosplay Beginners

Cosplay can seem a little intimidating for those just starting out, especially if planning to attend a convention. Dressing up to match the look of a favorite character from a comic book, anime, television series, movie or video game is now a very enjoyable pastime for more and more people every year.

The Reality of Reality Shows

Day by day the popularity of Reality Shows is increasing, especially liked and followed by the young generation. What is the actual reality behind these popular reality shows in India? Is there any dark side of them? Reality television is a television programming genre that displays usually unscripted over dramatic or hilarious situations, documents actual events, and usually features ordinary people instead of trained actors, sometimes in a competition or other circumstances where a prize is awarded.

The Wheel of Destiny

Are we the product of our actions, or do the dictates of destiny control us? Do we get everything by effort, or does fate have a different story to tell? Read on.

Holi 2018: The Underlying Significance Behind the Celebration of Colours

This write-up talks about all those things that you ought to know about the festival of Colors “Holi”. We have also discussed the way this festival originated and the reasons why the colorful powder known as “gulal” is being used for playing Holi.

American Teen Sensation or American Patriot?

Was Paul Revere the one and only person to ride through the night carrying a dire call to action in a time of revolution? Though not thought of as a teen sensation, one young patriot answers the call to duty.

What First-Timers in a Nightclub Should Know

For every one of us, there might be a first time to enter a nightclub. Most people may have heard many stories, as well as seen the hype, and now they are ready to witness it directly. However, before they go past the ropes, these are some tips to consider: Q: What advice can be given to first time club goes to get inside faster and to take full advantage of their first experience at a nightclub?

Dyes & Pigments: Totally Dissimilar Colorants

The colorful world as is seen to us today is in a large measure a result of the use of colorants in every sphere of our lives. Colorants are responsible for imparting colour to a substrate like paper, paint, plastic, textiles and so on.

Mind Mapping for Creating Characters

A Mind Map is a tool used to visually organize information or ideas. As a writer, it can be used for solving writer’s block or creating a workable outline. Today I am going to show you how to create a character sketch.

Being A Human Whisperer

We have the Ghost Whisperer, Dog Whisperer, Cat Whisperer, Horse Whisperer, but have we thought about being the Mother of all whisperers? The Human Whisperer?

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