Your Weekly Tarot Reading | February 27-March 6, 2023 | Pick #1, #2 OR #3

Hi and welcome to my Name is Vanessa I'm from Beyond your Sunshine this is your weekly tarot Reading for February 27th to March 6th All right all you have to do is think of A number between one and three that's it So one two or three if you chose number One let's just say that this week your Life is a little bit of a mess it's a Little chaotic and the only reason why It's this chaotic is because you're Sitting on the fence you're refusing to Make a decision you're trying to weigh Out all the pros and the cons balancing All your options and that's what's Causing a lot of chaos because at the End of the day we've already Predetermined our outcome right we Already know what's going to happen it's Just about finding the path of least Resistance you're ending up in the same Space wherever uh route it takes you but It's just about okay which path is the One that brings me joy that has the Least resistance so there's quite a few Cards here that also popped out we have The death card saying all right this is A major transformation of your heart Like of your heartbreak it's finally Time to be like all right I can now Transform this heartbreak stop telling Myself that everything is fine when it Comes to a female air sign and actually Make the decision to you know reflect on

A relationship and heal it or or reflect On the relationship heal it and move on Right there is one more card which was Face down so it's something that you're Not fully seeing when it comes to this Decision making process and it's the Fool so at the end of the day the Queen Of Swords she's an air sign I say she Because the energy is more feminine but At 100 could be Um male but more beta energy Queen of Swords saying very very smart analytical Intelligent and that's why we're feeling So foolish about this decision because It's almost like they've done this like Head game on us and we just don't feel As equipped uh to handle it so right now This week it's time to recognize that The reason why life is a little chaotic And hectic it's because you haven't made That decision to really look at the fact That maybe you do feel a little bit Foolish when it comes to your Relationship with the Queen of Swords You're heartbroken by them and it is Time to just fully you know transform That heartbreak transmute that Heartbreak stop telling yourself that Everything is fine and really look at The root of this relationship which is That there's not equal Playing Fields When it comes to intellect they either Have that superiority complex over you Or you have an imposter syndrome when it

Comes to them and it's time to just make The decision do you want to be you know In a in a scenario where you feel like You aren't understood or do you want to Be in a scenario where you feel like you Can't understand the other and like Where where does it end right and where Is it going so have some reflection time This uh week in order to really look at That Okay if you chose card number two we Have the three of one so the Three of Wands is all about what you're putting Out there and if you're seeing three Three a lot especially on license plates It's telling you to get moving be Expressive you know I was talking to Somebody who keeps seeing 333 and I Opened up her Instagram and I saw that She had typed something so I I popped Out I go back in she had sent it and Then unsent it and I'm just like no Because she was also a life path three So I'm trying to you know be like all Right just speak your truth like this is A safe space and I think that's a huge Aspect as well is finding the spots Where you feel safe in order to then Express your full truth and if you know Any life path threes you utilize them Find the life path three is in your life And a lot of the times a life path three Will just say one thing that triggers This huge outpour of uh communication

And conflict and expression and Truth Giving and they give us that opportunity Because that's their life purpose so if A life path three is hovering your life And they're saying these things that are Planting seeds and you want to be like Hold on I'm not gonna bite my tongue This time express yourself and then give Energetic thanks to the life path three Even if it was a tumultuous experience Like I had Okay if you chose card number three we Have the Judgment card so the Judgment Card I always look at this one uh full Full figured person over here because When it comes to judgment it's hilarious How we'll put so much judgment on Ourselves and it's not even our truth It's not even our truth we hide Ourselves our full figured selves out of That fear of judgment but if you study And listen to brene brown one of the Things that she's always talking about Is how me too is such a powerful phrase So as much as we're so terrified of the Judgment that others are placing on us Once we're expressing that shame and Expressing our deepest insecurities Somebody else is going to be like me too That you didn't even realize and that Alone is like oh my God we can connect On this wait you also suffer from this Huge shame like holy crap and it is Insane how many people when you do start

To express that shame how many people Are like yeah yeah yeah like we're all Connected we're all human we all share a Lot of the same shames and if we were Just more vocal about it we would be Able to see that it's not shameful to be Human like it's kind of like why we're Here right so express your shames even If you're writing it down and you know Putting it throwing it outside you know On a piece of paper for somebody to pick It up and be like this is interesting at Least you know that you are expressing That all right I hope you have an Amazing week and I will see you next Week bye oh and if you need a Personalized reading you can find me on Instagram at beyond your sun sign or you Can email me directly beyond your Sunshine all right bye

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