Your Weekly Tarot Reading | March 13-March 20, 2023 | Pick #1, #2 OR #3

This is your weekly tarot reading for March 13th to March 20th hi I'm Vanessa From Beyond your sunshine and welcome to Your numerologist reading all you have To do is think of a number between one And three okay if you chose card number One this card is face down so when a Card is face down well when my cards are Face down it means it's something that You don't want to look at so even just The fact that you're drawn to this video Drawn to card number one I'm gonna Expose something to you that all you Have to do is accept it and then you Release it so this is something that's In your subconscious and it is the moon Card so the moon card is about deception Right because the Moon is kind of Deceitful in a way first of all the moon During the new moon you can't see it in The sky the other day it was so foggy Out the sun looked like the moon and Then on the full moon some full moons Like the Leo full moon was so orange and Beautiful it didn't look like a normal Moon and it was so low the moon comes in All these different shapes and forms and We don't fully understand it and that Can be really deceitful when it comes to Our spirit because it's like I Understand this is a natural naturally Occurring phenomenon but I do just don't Understand it it's kind of like a Microwave like I I don't understand how

It works the internet I don't get how it Works so the moon card this week is Saying you don't know what you don't Know and that should be a very Comforting realization that means that Every person you meet every situation You meet everything you watch on TV any Piece of art you consume it is teaching You something that you didn't know you Didn't know which is to me like I suck And breathe that in every person I meet I'm like what can you teach me what do You know that I need to know just by the Very the very essence of being in your Environment right now so for this week You want to look at every single thing The annoying triggers the things you Want to push aside the the judgments the Things that even you consume in passing Like why did you hear that person Talking about BOTOX for instance things Like that you want to really anchor into And be like what is the universe trying To tell me that I'm not seeing clearly What don't I know that I don't know I Don't know and that I should probably Need to know like Even just knowing how to phrase that was Something that I think I have a brain Bleed so this week the moon card you Don't know what you don't know and that Should be a very comforting fact fact And it should be something that you can Anchor yourself down to embrace and

Learn from all right if you chose card Number two We have the Knight of Swords the Knight Of Swords it's all about basically Charging into the past like this person Fights for the past you wonder who Fights for the past victims right Because they're always going back here And they're fighting to get back there When really the world in the universe Wants us to push through the past and Not be in victim mode so learning NLP Recently learning about the small Traumas and the big traumas trauma is Just any not just but trauma can be any Situation where we don't feel safe so Even if you're female looking back on All the times that you didn't feel 100 Safe you created either a small trauma Or a big trauma and this week it's about Going back into the first scenarios when You did not feel safe it could be as Simple as your first day of kindergarten You didn't know what to expect Recognizing that small or big trauma and Leaving it in the past so how I like to Leave things in my past and I'm very Area in my mind so what I do is I go Back to the scenario so for instance First day of kindergarten and what I do Is I superimpose my current self holding Hands with my younger self so that Five-year-old me is holding hands with 35 year old me and I'm giving myself

Love you're perfect you're beautiful You're smart you're capable you can do This you have a life of ease you are Worthy giving all that love and that Safety and that care to my younger self And it changes the entire memory right Because how can I now have the memory of Fear and you know isolation and Abandonment by my mom at you know at age Five going to school how could I then Still have that narrative when I've done The work to change the feeling Associated with that memory so try it Out for size maybe this isn't the method That works for you but I'm telling you Right now this week Everything that happens is just really Sourcing from a first time when you did Not feel fully safe and it created a Trauma and now the universe wants you to Clear it once and for all because this Trauma is holding you back of course of Course trauma's holding you back so it's About stopping charging into the past to Land in a victim mode empowering Yourself by rewriting The Narrative Rewriting the memory and then moving Forward and just seeing how that feels All right if you chose card number three We have the Six of Pentacles and as I Was saying this I saw 505 so changes are Coming Six of Pentacles is about Donation based okay so donations can Work in many many ways you have the

Donation out of narcissism right like I Am so powerful here you go like peasants You know then you have the the Um uh donations based on guilt right Where it's like I feel so guilty for all That I have here please take this take This I I don't want it you have it then There's also donations that is more Based out of uh a sense of giving right Feeling like it's your duty and your Obligation to give and to serve right Now this week it's about figuring out Where you donate and why you donate why Are you giving so much to Tom Dick Harry Is it because you genuinely want to give Is it because you feel guilty having Something so you want to give it as a Way of kind of like cleansing yourself Or is it because you want to show people That you can give be honest with Yourself there's truly no judgment right Be honest with yourself about why you Give the way that you give a lot of Times we give just because we know it's An IOU and that it'll come back to us no Shame at all but recognizing the source As to why we donate why we give well Then clear a lot of karma because a lot Of the times Okay the reason why I'm Giving so much is because I want Something back that's because in a past Life I was robbed or I was the needy you Know or I was the one who etc etc so There's no shame attached to the source

As to why we donate but acknowledgment And recognition is so vital to our Spiritual growth and healing all right Love you so much if you need a Personalized reading you can find me on Instagram at beyond your sun sign or you Can email me directly Beyond yoursunsign hope you have an amazing week And I will see you next week bye

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