Your Weekly Tarot Reading | March 20-March 27, 2023 | Pick #1, #2 OR #3

Get your tea get comfortable because There are a lot of cards on the board For you this week March 20th to March 27th this is what Pisces season brings Am I right like sometimes Pisces season Can be so clarifying and we have all of That spiritual knowledge and Understanding but then there's always The small little areas of delusion and Deception Um that you have to come to expect with The planet of haze right because when it Comes to our spirituality when it comes To our psychic energy it is very flowy And fluid and any small Act of you know Interjecting on that gassy energy can Completely blow it away can thicken it Can solidify it can turn into a liquid So we want to really look at the fact That this week and for all Pisces season Yeah it's hazy but it's how we want to Morph and use that hazy energy in order To understand our journey so so all you Have to do this week is think of a Number between one two or three one or Three All right if you chose card number one This card was face down so this is Something that you're not recognizing And that is that this week you were Going through a transformative Experience the death card has been Coming up quite a bit uh in these weekly Readings because we're all going through

A major major transformation you can't Live the universal year seven in Numerology you can't live this seven Lifetime the seven energy and not go Through a major transformation if you Know any life past sevens they are the Most skeptical Discerning you know very much focused on The truth teachers and healers that You'll ever come across and you'll Notice that a lot of the decisions that They make are from their own truth I Love readings reading for sevens because I know they're gonna challenge me the Most and it's such an honor because I Know what they do they see I'm genuine Because the sevens even if you have Seven in your birthday put a message in Your comment do you have a seven in your Birthday you even if you're born in 1987 Are you a life past seven drop your Seven energy and your experience with it Below because this week Major major Transformations rebirth you Know Phoenix Rising From the Ashes it's The quintessential seven energy of being Able to throw a match on something that You know is false and walk away Unscathed being like I don't have any Shame in burning this establishment down Because it's not true it's false so the Seven energy all this year is going to Be exposing all the falsehoods and That's not just globally that's in your

Personal life as well when all the Planets went direct back uh in February And you saw Clarity you saw people for Who they are it is now on you to light The match and burn it up burn up the Establishment and move forward creating Space for something that's more in Alignment with your spiritual healing All right card number two is where there Were a lot so give me one second to Process this we have a new beginning new Physical beginning with a masculine air Sign a Libra Aquarius Gemini who's in Their Alpha masculine energy is bringing A lot of opportunities and a lot of Movement however there is still still That fear of betrayal that fear of Deceit and with this fear what ends up Coming is a major Tower moment Tower moment to make you Recognize the greed and the power Hoarding that is pervasive and around You at every moment the masculine air Sign is not necessarily the source of The deception or of the greed But a lot of the times the masculine air Signs well the air science period they Can infiltrate other people through Their thoughts so a lot of the times the Air signs and the air signs are the First ones to be manipulated as well Because they're going to overthink Everything and when someone's so much in Their mind you can get away with

Anything in front of them right because They're here they are so everything in Front is very easy to kind of snatch or Or move around or whatever or shift Because the air sign is so in their mind So with that being said you're starting Something new with this masculine air Sign you have to be the one who's on Guard who's being like okay you do all The thought process you think about what Needs to be done you analyze everything But I'm going to be focusing on the Things right in front of us that people Situations and energies are trying to Pull and snatch away from us so if you Chose card number two this week Starting something new physically with a Masculine air sign will bring in a lot Of opportunities and a lot of movement But with those opportunities brings in Deception as well which then will cause A tower card moment and it's isolated to The weak so it shouldn't be as brutal as The tower card can tend to be and it's Really just as a way of showing you Where in your foundation there's greed There's power hoarding there's money Hoarding there's you know narcissism It's really just to shake up everything In your life so you can see what's truly At the source which like I said is Um greed all right if you chose card Number three we have the six of Wands And the Five of Cups the six of Wands

Says you are victorious when it comes to Your support systems you have exactly What you need in order to finally move On Let Go build a bridge and move on Move forward You're still in your morning stage when It comes to three situations in your Past there are two situations two Emotional connections that are desperate For you to move on because they truly Want to support your your healing Process they want to support your Journey of moving through but they're Not going to wait forever and it's not Fair for you to expect them to wait Forever because you put so much energy Into the three of the past the two who Are there supporting you they're being Neglected so just this week really try And focus in on the people that have Supported you there's at least two who Have always been ride or die one Meditation I just did which was awesome Um next time you're doing a meditation Try and pull in you you bring them to a Stage and each person you bring in every Person that you're connected to maybe Write it down first so you can figure it Out and you just ask them are you here To support my higher self my best Version and the ones who are like an Instant yes awesome send them love put Them back but the ones that are no or The ones that are like no but I'm trying

And please you know you can then decide Am I gonna cut chords with this person Physically emotionally spiritually or am I gonna try working harder so bring them In and you can always cut chords during Your meditation very simply by just you Know picturing that chord even figuring Out how deep the chord goes right what Is it made out of cutting the cords just So that they can come to you without Being You know uh like phased you know what I Mean there's not all that karma attached To it it's just like a clean and fresh New connection that doesn't have all the Build up from the past so I like to do It with friends with family just giving Them an opportunity for a clean slate You know not holding them energetically To the past so if you chose card number Three it is time to recognize the Support systems in your life are Desperate for you to move on and Recognize them as that as that guide as The people that want to help you move on And it's time to put some energy into Them this week give them that love give Them that support back whatever way Shape or form that means or else you're Gonna lose them and you're gonna be in The same position but you're gonna add Two more cups to it okay if you would Like a personalized reading you can find Me on Instagram at be on your sun sign

Or you can email me directly beyond your Sun sign love you and I hope You have an amazing week bye

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