Your Weekly Tarot Reading | March 6-March 13, 2023 | Pick #1, #2 OR #3

Welcome to my name is Vanessa I'm from Beyond your sunshine This is your weekly tarot reading for March 6th to the 13th all right let's Get started first all you got to do is Think of a number between one and three One two or three if you chose card Number one this is one of those cards in One of those situations where you want This okay so there is something Happening in your life this week that I'm just gonna give you the permission Because that's all you need in order to Accept it within your own psyche I'm Just gonna give you the permission to Openly Embrace this you have the world At your fingertips so take like a second To pause this video and really think About that what does the world at your Fingertips mean to you what does that Look like because that's your life right Now so it's kind of like when you're Younger and you're like you're judging Your appearance and now you know 15 Years later you're like I wish that the You know the girls were up that High you Know what I mean things like that Basically what I'm saying to you now is You have the youthful energy you have The essence of Youth when it comes to Building something when it comes to your Projects when it comes to being better About your life in whatever way that That means and you don't want to take

Another 15 years to look back on this Time and be like you know damn I should Have modeled when I was that you know Youthful I should have you know bit gone Harder in sports when I had the knees For it I'm telling you right now you Have what you need the world at your Fingertips and everything poised to give You what you want but you need to own That so I'm giving you permission to own It so once you own it you relax into it And it just naturally gravitates towards You right going back to the analogy of Sports when it comes to having the knees And the drive and the ambition in order To go out for the sports and you have The youth for it yeah I'm just saying That there's a scout in the stands so You're gonna we're work your ass off You're gonna push this is the time to do It just this week so utilize it People are watching the world is Watching you're fixed you're energetic You have everything that you need but Figure out what it is you want what is The end goal and then allow yourself to Just align with it because you have the World at your fingertips right enjoy it And congratulations Okay if you chose card number two we Have the seven of Pentacles the seven of Pentacles is basically about looking at Your Investments and I'm really drawn to The white shoes here so when I think of

White shoes for somebody like me that is Impossible to wear white shoes and not Have to clean them all the time so white Shoes tell me that your energy is Sparkling clean where you're walking the Path that you're walking even if there Was you know some on the ground You've cleaned it off like you are Walking a pure path right now and with That you can now start to invest back Into yourself and say all right I know That in the past I've stepped in some Crap but you know I moved forward I Cleaned it off and I'm still safe and Comfortable enough to continue wearing White shoes even though I know it's Muddy outside because I know how easy it Is for me to properly cleanse get myself Back to Purity get myself back to Innocence get myself back to Center I Know that I continue walking this muddy Muddy path you know in the middle of of A rainstorm because I know how to Properly cleanse myself so do your egg Cleanses do your you know your smudging Do what you need your sound bass do what You need to do in order to cleanse Yourself and then invest that energy Back into the spaces that bring you that Same level of cleansing of feeling good Of healing so it's about cleansing Yourself this week in order for you to Invest power back into yourself and your Cleansing Journey cleansing is a huge

Deal that people do not take seriously These days every person that person who Bumped into you at the at the Um gas station dropped energy onto you Would you not go and cleanse yourself And have that shower after you know that Dirty kid with Muddy hands comes and Touches you you have to we have to Cleanse we have to cleanse all the time All right if you chose card number three We have the eight of Swords so the eight Of Swords is thinking that you are Powerless to a situation and the reason Why you think that you're powerless to Your to a situation is because you're Not seeing what you need in order to Break free so when you look at this Person here because they are blindfolded And bound and standing in water they Don't recognize that they are surrounded By all the tools that they need in order To free themselves and the swords Represents our thoughts you know I've Been learning a lot about NLP right so Study some NLP it's amazing when you Realize that what was it like 80 of our Thoughts are on autopilot and out of That 80 95 is negative is victim mode is Feeling like we're trapped in these Cycles or these generational curses or Patterns or Karma or what have you we Literally have eight different resources To free ourselves but we can't see them Because you're not supposed to see these

Resources you're supposed to feel it It's a Vibe it's knowing that you're Powerfully and divinely protected and Even though it may seem like your feet Are wet oh my God am I in water am I Sinking like where am I you know that You are divinely protected recently I've Had to like remind myself what's the Worst that can happen oh I missed that Bill payment what's worse it can happen Okay I gotta file bankruptcy what's the Worst that could happen like these are Things where I'm like what is the worst The worst case scenario is death but With all my studying of past life uh and Regressions I'm like I don't fear deaths So it's really freed me in the fact Where I'm like what's the worst that Could happen it ain't that bad um there Were three cards on top that were face Down and they are saying that it is time To take some rest in order to figure out What your karma is what your balance is With your generational abundance as well So These are the things that are blocking And preventing you to recognize yeah I Can free myself I can liberate myself And it's because you haven't had enough Rest in alone time this is a seven Universal year it's all about isolating It's all about doing the inner work it's All about investing into your own Spiritual journey doing that rest so you

Can really figure out what the karma is When it comes to your family's money Like is it a scarcity mindset is it a is It I just realize that I can have a life Of ease that my mother or grandmother Didn't have we can do that and we can Own it and we don't need to feel guilty About it because our grandmothers and Our mothers made their sacrifices and Their choices in order to give us this Abundance and this amazing beautiful Life so we can have a life of ease we Can also have a complete life of Hardship it's all depending on your Mindset and right now this week it's Just about really catching your thoughts And be like all right that's my mom Saying that money doesn't grow on trees That's not my truth money legit grows on Trees and false from the sky for me Right just changing that narrative if You need a personalized reading One-on-one shoot me a message on Instagram beware of scammers get me to Send a photo or something to identify Myself every single time you can find me On Instagram beyond your sun sign or you Can email me directly beyond your Sunshine have an amazing week And I will see you next week bye

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