Your Weekly Tarot Reading | November 14-November 21, 2022 | Pick #1, #2 OR #3

Which Crystal are you drawn to we've got An amethyst here you've got a spirit Quartz witch finger and we have rose Quartz whichever Crystal you're drawn to Is your weekly tarot reading for November 14th to the 21st so if you were Drawn to this beautiful amethyst your Card is the nine of Pentacles which is Face down as well so face down means It's something that you haven't really Looked at and that's interesting that You're drawn to the amethyst because Amethyst is more for like Dream Work Right it's also a very sobering Crystal And the fact where it's like all right Get real what stream what's reality and What you're not facing is the fact that You have incredible abundance you are in A position of authority of prosperity of Security even if it feels like it's a Dream like it's not real it's time to Wake up and realize that you have a new Hat to wear especially this week and Maybe only for this week you're going to Wear this hat and it's the Hat of Abundance it's how you would act if you Were completely secure from generational Wealth and you've always felt this Security put the Hat on this week turn Your dreams into reality by focusing on The fact that you're not recognizing Just how abundant and secure and you Know look at this prosperous that you Are and it's time to eat and feast and

Recognize that you can move forward with This energy as long as you just Acknowledge it for this week all right If you were drawn to the witch finger It's a spirit quartz witch finger which Is awesome you pulled the Justice card This week for November 14th to the 21st So the Justice card is exactly what it Looks like it's all about trying to find Karmic balance it's able Um to say all right like I'm noticing Like the flood pants it's able to say All right maybe I got wet in the past in The past lives as well and now going Forward I'm always going to wear short Pants so that I don't get my my uh my Bottoms my cuffs all wet so basically Over this week you're gonna be triggered By an experience that is coming from Past life Karma and it's gonna feel Frustrating because you've prepared Yourself you've been wearing flood pants You've been wearing short pants for this Lifetime and now you're finally walking Through that wetness and it's gonna Trigger you because you felt like you Were prepared but at the end of the day Even if you're wearing short pants During a flood it's really about Questioning what this flood is doing What is it cleansing out is there going To be more water coming is it going to Wash away our foundation is it going to Wash away our sense of security so now

Just this week you're gonna see all Right maybe I was prepared when it comes To my past life Karma but holy crap this Had such a deeper meaning this was so Much further than just getting my pants Wet this was about really redesigning my Entire Foundation from that karmic Perspective so if you haven't done any Past life work this is your sign this is Me punching in the face saying do your Past life work so you can clear it and If you want to chat it's 11 11 of my Time as I'm saying this if you want to Chat about it message me because past Life life work is so valuable it's it's Everything so message me if you're ready To get started or go onto YouTube Yourself and just Google past life Meditation and see where it brings you But it's time All right if you were drawn to this um Raw rose quartz you don't really see how Pink it is but it's very very pink Um like in person and this rose quartz Is reminding you Of the strength that you have right that Strength of uh Beauty admiration Self-love and it's infinite like the Self-love that you have has been giving You so much strength that like it's Created this ripple effect of prosperity And strength uh for lifetimes to come The issue is is that these three cards Popped out over top so this is basically

The obstacle to this strength that you Have that you just haven't tapped into And these cards are face down so it's Something that you haven't faced and That is that things are shifting because Of the generosity that you've given in The past and the gift that you've been Giving uh foolishly things are shifting For you and that is really the biggest Strength right there the fact that You're able to recognize that because I've been so generous and because I've Been giving so much I now and I've been Doing it foolishly I'm now fine only Creating that shift it's it's so simple Right like it's like Um when on Christmas day like is it About the gifts or is it about the love And the care and the thought that went Into the gifts that we give so Generously on that day and the happiness And the joy that that energy exchange Gives to others is enough to carry us Through the year that Christmas spirit So recognizing that the generosity that You've been giving basically your entire Life is finally creating those shifts That joy and that happiness that you see On other people because of your Generosity you're gonna start to see That as a strength this week November 14th through the 21st so as always if You would like to connect with me Personally feel free to message me on

Instagram app you on your sun sign or You can also send me an email beyond Your sun sign hope you have an Amazing week and I will see you next Week bye

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